August 28, 2016

#HRBestPractices: How to Do the Career Page Right

Candidates expect more. When looking for new jobs, candidates seek out quality employer brands, research benefits and explore company cultures. The attractive companies will be present on social media, have a mobile application portal and will have that reputation of being a great place to work.  

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Recruiting & Sourcing

August 23, 2016

7 HR Best Practices | Key Takeaways

The goals of the HR team are many, but one overarching and never-ending goal of the department is to promote the engagement and performance of employees. It’s a lot of responsibility with a myriad of ways to reach desired results. Thankfully, there are some HR best practices that all HR teams can benefit from implementing regardless of their unique company culture and structure.

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Performance Management

August 21, 2016

40+ Data-Driven Metrics for HR to Track [Printable]

Within any given day, you are probably confronted with a myriad of business decisions, and even more data culled to help you make the right choice. With new software options and data collection methods at an all time high, compiling and analyzing big data is incredibly simple.

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Performance Management

August 16, 2016

Are Your Employees Ready to be a Manager? [Evaluation Form]

Research shows only about 1 in 10 people possess the traits needed to be a good manager. Couple that with the fact that one of the most important decisions a company can make is selecting its managers, and they get it wrong 82% of the time, and you have yourself a recipe for talent management disaster.

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Talent Management

August 14, 2016

Getting Your Telecommuting Program Setup? Start Here:

There’s a lot of information out there that supports telecommuting for both employers and employees. Allowing employees to work remotely helps recruit and retain top talent, increases productivity and is also environmentally conscious. 86% of those surveyed said they preferred to work alone to “hit maximum productivity.”

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Talent Management

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