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7 Statistics that Will Change Your Mind About Talent Forecasting


The Following article was originally posted in August of 2014 to provide an inside look at talent hiring and forcasting. Since then, it has recently been updated with new stats and information as of Febuary 2017. Need more insight on how to make the best hiring decisions for the future of your company? Check out these related articles:

The workforce is changing, and likely so are your talent needs. The Boomers are trickling out, while the Millennials are pouring in, the tech sector is booming, and nearly everyone is having trouble getting their hands on candidates with the right skills. Proactive recruiting tactics are now more important than ever, and here’s why…

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Are Your Antiquated Management Methods Holding You Back?

Everyone is dogging on the annual review, we get it, they certainly haven’t proven to be as effective as organizational leaders once thought. However, there is a lot more room for improvement where traditional reviews are concerned, outside of their frequency. Traditional reviews are an antiquated part of corporate history that needs a total overhaul.
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Behind the Curtain of Your Performance Management System

While it’s true that here at ClearCompany we’re obsessed with the technology that makes performance management really perform, it’s important to have a constant eye behind the curtain of your performance management system. We’re not talking about software or platforms; we’re talking about the actual human beings in charge of running this show. 

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The Element That's Stopping You From Attaining Goals


As much as I’d like to start out with a cliché on teams, I will just go ahead and establish that the team dynamic in any workspace is a big factor in attaining organizational goals. Sometimes these teams come together seamlessly to create great in-office chemistry, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Very often, leadership will need to thoughtfully guide team collaboration to optimally meet goals.

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Why Your Performance Management System is Like Hideous Wallpaper You Can't Ignore

Graduates are pouring in, Boomers are retiring and Millennials are invading; the workforce is changing drastically and quickly. Great performance management is in huge demand as leaders are scrambling to find the most efficient way to address evolving technology, keeping up with current best practices and a changing workforce.
So here’s my question to you: Is your performance management performing?

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