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5 HR Game-Changers That You Need to Know About, Yesterday


Everything about the Human Resources department has changed drastically in the last decade, and the evolution is still going on. The HR tech arms race, as some experts have called it, can be an intense one to keep up in. New and improved technologies are consistently hitting the market. The following are what we’re looking at right now as the game-changers in HR.

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Teaching an Old Company New Tricks


Just like we do, companies age. It can be easy to remain stuck in the same ways, resting on your laurels and forgetting to hit refresh every once in a while. It seems common sense that companies age too, but we’re actually seeing more companies at a more mature stage than previously. 

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How to Keep that New Hire Spark Burning

The first days and weeks of a new job are an exciting, nervous time in the employee lifecycle. If you hired right, these newbies are coming in with that spark and tenacity for the company vision, but it has to be fueled in order to stay lit.

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How to Spot the Iceberg Before You Hit It

In recruiting, icebergs pop up all the time, but some aren’t as obvious as others, and sometimes, there’s no one at the helm to sound the alarm. Icebergs in recruiting can look like gaps in talent, dried up talent pools, neglecting to consider industry trends as they relate to talent needs or letting the competition pull ahead when you’re not watching.

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The 10 Most Common Employee Review Fails


Employees find reviews to be a waste of time and frustrating; sometimes even enough to cause anxiety. Employers see performance reviews as just another checklist item on their compliance list. We want to change the way that employers and employees alike, view the employee review process. Employee reviews are a compliance issue for us all; they have to get done. So how can managers turn this ship around when employees and your management team already have a bad taste in their mouths from employee reviews?

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