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How to Build Your Recruiting Machine: A Manual

May 8, 2014
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


 ClearCompany’s talent alignment platform is all about creating a transparent, goal-oriented organization on the individual and group levels. Let’s say the transparency is there, and your recruiting department might as well have a crystal ball, accurately predicting and anticipating talent needs. Now for the delivery… 

Let’s take a look at all the moving parts in the recruiting machine. We have recruitment technology, social recruiting, job descriptions, employer branding initiatives, different types of referral programs, brand ambassadors and more. So how can a team get all of these parts working together in order to achieve the automation of a recruiting machine?

Start One Component at a Time

That was a loaded question, but the answer is far less scary. With so many moving parts and different team members behind them, you have to start with a game plan; a real, in-writing, communicated and mapped out with the team –game plan. Start by identifying each component of the recruiting process and assess how strong or weak you are in each of those areas. The map should go strongest to weakest.

Build Up Strengths

Start with your strengths and continue to build them up, but now with the game plan in mind. Wherever it is that you start, be sure that you have success factors defined for each. For instance, we’ll assume your team is already strong at social recruiting. With 79% of job seekers likely to use social media in their job search, many companies have already beefed up in this area. Your goals might look something like this:

  • Automate social sharing of job listings through the ATS
  • Engage employees in social sharing to strengthen employer branding
  • Grant social sharing abilities and instructions to the referral program leader
  • Create a list of engaged followers and contact them regularly to foster brand ambassadorship

Find ways to tie each component of the recruiting machine to one another. Starting with strengths will allow you to more effectively build those other components up before you get to them in the game plan. In this manner, as you move down the list, each part is getting stronger and more cohesive with the others.

The weakest component is being worked on with each step of the game plan. Like many companies, perhaps you need to work on your referral program. An Evolv study revealed that referred workers are 20% less likely to quit their job. However, 35% of companies don’t have a formal referral program in place. We will assume that your referral program needs to get off the ground, or it’s in need of an overhaul. The goals set for the stronger components of your recruiting machine have done most of the work already.

Examples of success factor goals:

  • Recruitment technology: create an employee portal for referrals
  • Social recruiting efforts: grant social sharing capabilities to the referral program leader
  • Job descriptions: include employee perceived skill gaps and needs

So on, and so forth, until each component has the solid support of every other. As each individual component gets stronger, so does the entire machine.

The building, tracking and continued evolution of this recruiting machine is no joke. It requires technology that tracks daily, monthly and even yearly goals. That’s where ClearCompany’s technology comes in. Organizations can now:

  • Align recruiting performance, projects, meetings and goals in real-time
  • Synchronize goals seamlessly
  • Align, monitor and allocate talent to the most important goals when it matters
  • Find out where teams are focused
  • Motivate and engage teams by making their great work visible throughout the company

…And a whole lot more. If you would like to talk today about how to create your own recruiting machine, please contact us. We’re ready and waiting to show you how our technology can get you there.

photo credit: Sergey Nivens via bigstock cc

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