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Workforce Planning in the COVID-19 Landscape

Many companies have already made difficult decisions, some are making them now, and we will all have more to make in the future. In such an uncertain ...
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The 5 Critical Steps of Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is an important tool in your talent strategy, but in times of economic uncertainty, much like the one we’re in now, workforce planning becomes even more critical to keep your business on track. The tools used during workforce planning can help you do two things:
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7 Statistics that Will Change Your Mind About Talent Forecasting

  The Following article was originally posted in August of 2014 to provide an inside look at talent hiring and forcasting. Since then, it has recently been updated with new stats and information as of Febuary 2017. Need more insight on how to make the best hiring decisions for the future of your company? Check out these related articles: Personalize Your Applicant Screening Process for Better Results Transforming Your Talent Process: 7 Must Have Downloads Top 10 Metrics Driving Quality of Hire The workforce is changing, and likely so are your talent needs. The Boomers are trickling out, while the Millennials are pouring in, the tech sector is booming, and nearly everyone is having trouble getting their hands on candidates with the right skills. Proactive recruiting tactics are now more important than ever, and here’s why…
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