March 24, 2016

5 Tips to a Fresher Onboarding Process

Ah, onboarding: the breakfast of employment. No new hire should begin their position within a company without a balanced and well-planned onboarding program. Unfortunately, just like the most important meal of the day, onboarding is often overlooked, rushed or simply forgotten all together. Many HR administrators seem to agree as 56% feel their onboarding solutions are only “somewhat structured” to “not at all structured.”

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July 7, 2015

7 Things You Need to Know Before Onboarding New Employees

Any business which grows large enough will need to start thinking about how they introduce their hires to the ways they work. Many companies assume pitching a powerful culture will attract great candidates who will work hard no matter what, and that the rest will take care of itself. This is unfortunately not the case. Companies need to create better programs for onboarding new employees if they want to make great hires and keep them too. Here are some of the most important things companies can learn when putting together their onboarding programs.

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Onboarding, Paperless Onboarding, Employee Onboarding

February 18, 2015

Less is More: 4 Reasons Paperless Onboarding is Better

A new hire’s first day on the job is rarely filled with work. Legal documents and company onboarding take precedence over regular day-to-day work. Quality onboarding is essential to the success of a new hire, so to undervalue this process is faulty on the part of the organization. With 64% of companies planning to expand their hiring efforts over the next 12 months, organizations must either be prepared to process mounds of paperwork or implement a paperless onboarding process to compensate for the deluge of new talent.

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Paperless Onboarding

February 6, 2015

Organizational Values from Onboarding to Walking Out the Door

New employees can bring a slew of new ideas to the table. Integrating the best of these ideas into the company’s processes can only happen after the new employee fully understands the culture and values within the organization. Everything from onboarding new employees to 360 performance reviews should have an underlying theme of team alignment and tie in company values. It’s a cyclical, give-and-take relationship. Employees must understand their place in the organization in order to help the organization move toward its goals; and the organization must understand the motivations and strengths of the employee in order to help them assimilate to the team or department.

Employee loyalty thrives when workers understand their place in organizational goals and how they play a part in company values. So what tools does your organization need to maintain values and team alignment from the onboarding process to the time they cycle out of the company?


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Onboarding, Paperless Onboarding, Employee Onboarding

January 27, 2015

Nobody Puts Onboarding in a Corner

Within the first six months of a new job, 86% of employees decide whether they’d like to stay or search for a different job. Aberdeen Group finds that an additional 69% of new employees are likely to maintain a job for at least three years if the HR, managers and IT crews perform welcoming employee onboarding.  

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Onboarding, Paperless Onboarding, Employee Onboarding

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