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As the head of the Marketing department, Sara drives revenue by increasing demand for ClearCompany's Talent Management Software. Sara drives the strategic direction of all inbound & outbound activities; managing lead generation efforts, messaging and branding tactics, and agency & vendor relationships.
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May 7, 2017

How to Stand Out at a Career Fair

Career fairs are incredible opportunities for candidates. Dozens of companies gather in one place, offering the chance to explore more jobs and internships in one day than a job-seeker might get in a month of submitting resumes online.

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Quality of Hire

April 24, 2017

Mission-Driven Companies: How to Build (and Hire for) One

Every successful company has a well-defined mission and vision that builds purpose into their day-to-day. A mission-driven culture not only embraces the company mission statement, it reinforces it in every decision made - from organizational strategy through to hiring and firing. Employees are looking for a sense of purpose. according to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey, 6 in 10 say that it’s the reason they are with their current employers. Want real engagement? Look past happy hours and ping pong tables – engage your people around a common purpose.

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Talent Management

April 16, 2017

3 Keys to Building a Collaborative Relationship with Hiring Managers

The relationship between a recruiter and hiring manager is an interesting one. Both roles are a necessity to making a strategic and suitable hire, yet it’s not uncommon to struggle with finding the right balance when searching for talent.

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Recruiting & Sourcing

April 4, 2017

Top 9 Candidate Sourcing Best Practices

Candidate sourcing is a very specialized and difficult position. Sourcers or researchers must use multiple platforms to find the most qualified candidates for a given job. Where those candidates are found can be hard to pinpoint: 78% of candidates use social media in their job search, but the best candidates for a position may be hidden somewhere else.

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Recruiting & Sourcing

March 26, 2017

How Recruiters Can Balance Having Heart with Being Strategic

The current job market is candidate-driven; Meaning companies are competing for talent more than ever. Every day as a position remains open, it is costing a company time, money and productivity. With 45% of employers saying the time to fill positions has increased since 2014, turning candidates into employees quickly is vital to a company’s bottom line.

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Recruiting & Sourcing

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