3 Ways to Instantly Improve Workplace Communication

Are you constantly frustrated by never getting a reply, always having to follow-up and feeling a little ignored? Quite often, this is a case of it’s you, not them. The vast majority of workplace communication happens via email, but there are more mediums than we could even mention to communicate today. FastCompany reveals that almost 80% of email are a total waste of your time. Regardless of the communication channel, these tips will help makes sure that your communications aren’t part of the problem.

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Building an Army of Engaged Employees

Let’s talk about what employee engagement actually is, because there seems to be some confusion about what a truly engaged employee might look like. The standard definition is:

“The emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” 

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Properly Assess Leadership to Better Management


More than eight out of 10 employees report that their relationship with their direct supervisor has a big impact on how happy they are in their position. These results from a Q2 2013 Engagement Study commissioned by Randstad are also heavily supported by a Dale Carnegie study. The study found that 80% of employees who are dissatisfied with their direct supervisor are disengaged.

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Final Destination: Organizational Transparency

It can be incredibly hard to visualize the workflow through your company. Some employees don’t understand what goals they’re working toward, and employers can’t track how human capital is being allocated. The solution is to increase company-wide or organizational transparency. However, the road to organizational transparency isn’t always easy to find. Keep Reading

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How Employee Misalignment is like Pushing a Car Uphill in the Wrong Direction

We talk a lot about goal alignment in the ClearCompany office. If you’ve ever been on a team working hard toward a commonly understood goal, you’ve experienced first-hand the electric energy of a unified team. As a manager, my job is to keep the team united so their energy is pointed in the right direction. But what happens when you have a team working toward the wrong goal? Keep Reading

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