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January 9, 2024
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At ClearCompany, we focus on the future. We’re always looking ahead, envisioning the potential of talent management software, and making plans for how to realize that potential. As technology advances on what seems to be a daily basis, and the needs of HR professionals and employees continue to evolve, we’re confident our future-focused approach is the right choice.

But as we embark on a new year, it's also important to look back. It’s a chance to take stock of how far we’ve come, what we’ve learned, and how we’ve grown.

2023 was certainly a busy year for product development and new releases at ClearCompany. We released 39 new product updates and many smaller feature enhancements throughout the year. We also added 11 new integrations with other prominent HR systems to our platform.

In addition to the incredible evolution of our product, ClearCompany launched a refreshed brand identity in 2023. Our logo, website, and user interface have a new look, but our values and our commitment to helping our clients achieve their missions have remained the same.

Check out the highlights from our biggest releases of 2023.

What’s New in Talent Acquisition

Recruiters and talent acquisition teams haven’t had it easy for years, and 2023 was no different. They needed to refine their recruiting strategies to compete for top talent and meet candidates’ expectations for fast, seamless hiring. They’re determining how much or whether to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) hiring tools and evaluating their implications. They needed to start engaging new hires immediately after offer letters were signed and maintain it or risk losing that valuable top talent to the competition.

But strategizing, learning how to use new tech tools, and increasing communication require time —something most recruiting teams don’t have to spare. That’s why many of the 2023 ClearCompany Talent Acquisition product updates were designed to help our clients save time and increase efficiency.

🚀 Explore ClearCompany’s 2023 product journey! Catch the highlights from the 39 transformative software enhancements and 11 new integrations released in 2023.

Aiming for the Future With AI

After the release of ChatGPT, AI tools are suddenly available everywhere, including in the ClearCompany platform. AI in HR software can help make workdays easier, taking over repetitive tasks and saving tons of valuable time. But HR teams need to ensure they’re using AI tools that were designed responsibly and with best practices in mind.

ClearCompany’s Commitment to Responsible AI

Learn more about our Responsible AI promise and our phased approach to AI development in our two-part series by Charley Miller, Principal Product Manager at ClearCompany:

At ClearCompany, we’re focused on the responsible development of AI that assists HR, helping teams complete tasks more efficiently. That’s why we created our Pillars of Responsible AI to inform the development of our new AI tools, available in our Recruiting suite. AI-Assisted Job Descriptions, Candidate Emails, and Offer Letters help recruiters and talent acquisition pros quickly write content that is accurate, consistent, and engaging so they can focus on hands-on recruiting tasks.

ClearCompany clients can now harness the power of AI to optimize job postings and reduce the time spent writing position descriptions. With AI-Assisted Job Descriptions, users enter their own criteria, and AI helps them build a description faster than ever. Then, they can make tweaks as needed before posting.

Candidate communication can be time-consuming and stressful. Recruiters have to keep up with multiple email threads while maintaining professionalism, clarity, and a unique voice. That’s why ClearCompany created AI-Assisted Candidate Emails, a time-saving solution for improving the candidate communication process.

Users can choose from three pre-built prompts for common scenarios or create a custom prompt, then use the AI chatbot to refine the prompts to ensure messages hit the right note with candidates. Clients can impress candidates with timely, engaging responses and free up more of their time to focus on finding the perfect fit for their organization.


ClearCompany also offers AI-Assisted Offer Letter Templates. Our user-friendly interface and AI technology simplify the process, making offer letter creation fast and professional. Plus, users can easily customize any template to fit the hiring requirements of each new position.

Thanks to ClearCompany’s AI tools, our clients are saving time and connecting with candidates more. It's the perfect blend of technology and human touch. And of course, all of our AI features are backed by our commitment to data privacy and Responsible AI development.

Stay tuned —we’ll continue to apply more AI tools to the recruiting suite to enhance the applicant experience and reduce the amount of time recruiters spend on administrative tasks.

Sharpening the Recruiter’s Toolkit

AI wasn’t the only upgrade to the Talent Acquisition suite. We released a variety of enhancements to increase HR efficiency and to help our clients attract more candidates and keep them engaged in the hiring process.

New Background Checks by ClearCompany are a game-changer for busy HR teams. Our clients can now initiate a background check instantly from the recruiting Actions menu, directly in the Candidate Profile, or automatically in the offer letter process. Users can choose from different types of background checks and receive their results up to one hour faster than with non-integrated background checks. The results of Background Checks by ClearCompany are automatically added to the Candidate profile.


ClearCompany clients can now take advantage of all the same great talent texting tools across the U.S. and Canada. SMS For Canada enables users of our ClearText Suite to seamlessly communicate with their Canadian candidates and employees via text for no added cost.

We know that first impressions are everything, which is why we added meaningful upgrades to ClearCompany-hosted Career Sites in 2023. Leveraging ClearCompany’s unique understanding of mission, vision, values, and teams, our users can add compelling content and video to their career sites to highlight their employer brand identity, improve site visitor engagement, and attract talent.

Upgrades include an enhanced search for job openings and our Career site branding widget that makes it easier than ever to carry your employer brand visually throughout your career site. Clients can also use our first-of-its-kind dynamic Company Culture Highlights tool that introduces job seekers to members of the team they may apply to based on the role.


ClearCompany Email Drip Campaigns enable recruiters to create email drip campaigns to build pipelines for new positions quickly. Recruiters can now automate targeted email outreach, nurture high-potential prospective talent for future opportunities, and expand their reach and communications frequency, increasing hiring success and efficiency.

With streamlined Self-Service Interview Scheduling, recruiters can give candidates the ability to self-select their own interview times, either at the end of an application or by sending a link via email or ClearText. That cuts down on scheduling back and forth and improves the candidate experience.

Screening candidates isn’t difficult, but it does take a significant amount of time. We’re streamlining the process with Automated Reference Checks. Clients can automatically email standardized questions to up to three references simultaneously. They can save even more time by enabling the hiring team to view the status and responses of reference requests right on the candidate timeline.

ClearCompany now also shows recruiters and hiring managers information on any referrer and the quality of their past referrals in one easy view.

In our Onboarding suite, an updated interface makes sending Virtual Onboarding Packets easier than ever. ClearCompany users can view new hire details, assign due dates to each task, and choose the method for sending packets all in one place. They can now also deliver onboarding packets in bulk to every new hire even if they don’t have an email address.

Partners and Integrations

Our partnerships and integrations help ClearCompany clients build their ideal HR ecosystem and create smooth, efficient talent acquisition processes. In 2023, we added several meaningful new integrations to support our Talent Acquisition suite.

We introduced our UKG Pro Bi-Directional Connector, which allows clients to automatically send new hire data to UKG Pro and receive employee data back from UKG Pro. That makes it easy for clients to build one comprehensive, accurate, and HR-friendly system of record for their people.

Thanks to the new Indeed Interview Integration with Virtual Interview Links, ClearCompany users can choose Indeed Interview as their video conferencing provider. To create a seamless experience for candidates, interviews, and recruiters, clients can integrate their Indeed accounts, including free versions, with ClearCompany. Automatically schedule and generate a video conference link and virtual meeting invitation for every type of interview, including those with multiple interviewers.

ClearCompany now offers a brand-new way for clients to get highly qualified candidates for remote positions thanks to our partnership with Growmotely. Our exclusive partnership allows clients to post for free on Growmotely, a global remote job board. Clients can increase candidate flow with top-quality contingent candidates from dozens of non-U.S. countries, then use their intuitive tools to evaluate and hire. Best of all, Growmotely manages payments to new remote employees.

In addition to unlimited free global requisition posting, ClearCompany also presents a list of Growmotely applicants and requested pay rates, with a link directly to the Growmotely platform to manage candidates.

What’s New in Performance, Engagement, and Goals

Engaged employees are the hallmark of a thriving organization —they’re what differentiates good employers from truly great places to work. Setting goals and managing their performance with continuous feedback and regular reviews, and asking for their feedback all contribute to employee engagement.

Our Performance, Engagement, and Goals suite gives our clients access to all the tools they need for setting expectations, reviewing and improving performance, and engaging their people. Here’s what we did to make those tools even better in 2023.

Fine-Tuning Communication and Collaboration

Did you know that 48% of employees have left a job because of unclear expectations? Bad communication and a lack of support will leave employees feeling frustrated and lead to higher turnover. We’re helping our clients prevent that frustration with these Performance, Engagement, and Goals updates. Thanks to these 2023 updates, they now have even more tools for employee communication and collaboration.

With Employee Text Notifications, clients can now instantly reach out to some or all employees with critical notifications, alerts, and reminders through convenient text messaging. They can also add previous work history to the Employee Journey view for a comprehensive summary of every employee’s career progression.

We expanded our Goal Management and feedback tools to ensure employees and managers are consistently aligned on priorities, goals, and success metrics. New Goal Weighting and Categories clarify the relative importance of key initiatives. Clients can also integrate Salesforce metrics directly into employee goals to efficiently and accurately track goal progress. These updates provide employees and managers greater transparency into how individual goals are evaluated and create better alignment on goal prioritization.

Last year, we enhanced 1:1 Workspaces, a shared, centralized digital space where employees and their supervisors can contribute feedback, action items, comments, updates, and agenda topics. Now, any employee can invite another colleague to a shared 1:1 workspace to track their meetings, follow-ups, and notes with 1:1s with Anyone. It’s a great way to organize projects and tasks with colleagues, with easy accessibility to 1:1s through a new 1:1 page that lists all meeting types.

In addition, 1:1 Workspaces now offer greater visibility into upcoming 1:1s, past meetings, and email scheduling reminders with 1:1 Consistency Tracking.

Streamlining Employee Surveys

Making your employees feel heard at work boosts engagement and motivates them to do their best. These updates to ClearCompany Employee Engagement Surveys ensure our clients have the tools they need to actively listen and respond to employee feedback efficiently.

ClearCompany’s new eNPS Pulse Survey streamlines the process of capturing employee sentiment with an automated Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Pulse Survey emailed directly to employees. Surveys launch quarterly and employees can respond directly in the email. Users can easily track participation and scoring with clear data visualizations.


We also released Refreshed Employee Survey Templates on topics including engagement, remote work, DEIB, and employee retention. Users can launch them as-is or edit the templates to fit their organization’s needs.

Analytics and Reporting

ClearCompany’s robust Analytics and Reporting suite helps our clients make better decisions for their business in every aspect of talent management. But every business has different needs and goals, and we want to ensure every business has access to the most impactful data.

That’s why in 2023, we enhanced our reporting capabilities to offer customers more self-service data options. The update added five brand new reports, improved goals reporting, and access to additional fields. With more customized reports, our clients can better understand their unique data and workforce.

We released the Reporting Data Refresh Speed update so that data now refreshes every 10-15 minutes for our top reports:

  • Application Completion Rate
  • Application Question Data
  • Candidate Data
  • Candidate Flow Log
  • Current Pipeline
  • EEO Report
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Gender Diversity - Pipeline
  • Offer Letter Data
  • Offer Letter Process Visibility
  • Open Requisitions
  • Source of Hire
  • Source Quality
  • Time to Fill - Recruiter
  • Time to Hire - Recruiter
  • Workflow Stage Analysis

Awards and Recognition

Thanks to our excellent, ever-evolving product and stellar feedback from our clients, we’re proud to share some of the accolades we received in 2023.

From G2, our software earned a variety of badges based on customer reviews, including:

  • 2023 Crowd Leader
  • Most Recommended
  • High Performer
  • Easiest To Use
  • Easiest Admin
  • Best Support
  • Easiest Setup
  • Best ROI
  • Easiest To Do Business With

ClearCompany was placed on Capterra’s 2023 Talent Management Shortlist Software Report and named a Gartner 2023 FrontRunner.



We were also named a 2023 top software provider in ten by SelectSoftware Reviews “Top” lists in ten software categories, including Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Talent Management software.

See more awards and recognition we received in 2023 here.

At ClearCompany, we’re proud to look back on another year full of innovation and incredibly grateful for our clients whose constant support made it possible. Thanks to each of them, we can continue to grow, delivering cutting-edge technology and high-value tools and strategies to our clients in 2024.

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