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5 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

February 25, 2021
5 min read
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The most successful organizations spend time and effort ensuring their employees are supported in their roles and engaged with their work. Engaged employees are more likely to outperform their peers and to have an increased motivation to produce high-quality work and remain in their roles for a longer period of time.

The need to engage your staff is clear, but how do you improve employee engagement in your organization? These five tips will help you start curating a culture of engagement and loyalty within your organization.

Need help finding ways to improve #EmployeeEngagement in your organization? @ClearCompany has 5 tips for you to implement today:

1. Increase Communication

Use technology to your advantage. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to communicate, especially from remote distances. Studies show that many organizations plan to adopt a hybrid remote work format long-term, so finding tools that support your team in this environment is essential. While remote work has its benefits, one thing to bear in mind is that virtual work can often feel lonely or isolating. One way to ensure your employees stay engaged, motivated, and satisfied with their job is to provide outlets that fulfill their need for connectedness. Make sure to incorporate video conferencing and easy chat tools to allow your employees the space they need to connect with their coworkers.

Host frequent check-ins. Checking in with your employees often reduces the likelihood that silos arise and helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. Whether these check-ins are quick 15-minute daily talks, or a more detailed weekly meeting, blocking out time to check on your employees’ well-being shows that you are actively invested. These check-ins can help identify potential issues before they arise and can even offer you the space to address issues and find a solution. This heightened transparency and communication will lead to higher overall engagement and collaboration among your team.

2. Provide Clarity in Goals and Responsibilities

Organizational and departmental goals. Organizational goals highlight the overall mission, vision, and goals of your company. These goals are often direct and demonstrate how each individual plays into the greater goals of the organization. Department goals are more specifically tailored to each individual function of your organization. Leaders can leverage department goals into collaboration and team-building exercises, allowing employees to work together to create a unified goal and determine the overall mission of their team.

Individual goals. Individual goals are an excellent opportunity for workers to take charge of their workplace experience. Leaders can improve employee engagement by working alongside each individual to determine what they would like to accomplish in their careers. These goals should challenge the employee, inspire them to provide their best work, and demonstrate their individual impact on the team. Plus, studies have shown that employees are likely to set more ambitious goals and are more highly engaged in their work when they set their own goals.

3. Let Employees Take Ownership of their Roles

Offer professional development opportunities. Recent studies have found that 22% of employees leave their current role due to a lack of professional development opportunities. In today’s professional environment, employees want to work for an employer that is invested in their future. So, developing your employees is not only crucial for the continued success of your organization but is also influential in attracting and retaining A Players. Take some time to sit down with your employees and discuss their professional goals and career aspirations. Then, work together to find opportunities to learn new skills, gain certifications, or further their current skill set.

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4. Increase Opportunities for Collaboration

Offer cross-department opportunities. Organizations with a strong culture of collaboration often see heightened levels of innovation and engagement. Collaboration among your team deepens workplace connection, enhances communication, and strengthens the trust between your employees. Teamwork drives employees to take a more active role in their work, leaving you with a more engaged workforce. Some methods for increasing collaboration include:

  • Team building exercises
  • All-staff meetings
  • Team training sessions

Reskilling. Your team works best when everyone is educated and informed on how each process and function operates. Embracing reskilling or teaching employees new skills will help you equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in any role. One method for tackling reskilling involves having employees shadow one another for a day. This provides clarity into the daily tasks of other departments and ensures your team can help perform a task whenever necessary.

5. Ask for Feedback Frequently

Use surveys and ask for continuous feedback. In today’s modern workplace, projects and information move quickly. Ensuring you have an efficient and timely process for gathering feedback and analyzing employee sentiment is crucial for your company’s continued success. With surveys, leaders can quickly gather insight from their employees. Surveys can showcase whether your team feels supported in their roles or whether they feel connected to the mission and vision of your organization. In addition to using surveys, organizations should frequently ask for feedback from their teams. 50% of surveyed employees prefer working for an organization that embraces a frequent feedback system. By providing timely and actionable feedback, employees can make changes in real time, leading to a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

ClearCompany has a storied history of helping organizations transform their employee engagement levels. With our fully-customizable and integrated Employee Engagement Suite, leaders can take charge of their employee experience and ensure all employees are aligned with their goals. For more information on how ClearCompany can help you supercharge your employee engagement, reach out to one of our product experts, and sign up for your free demo today.

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