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As Director of Client Service, Sylvie actively works to scale and grow our business, while driving value and customer success at every level. Sylvie directs our department's remarkable team of specialists who consult with and support ClearCompany’s diverse clientele, delivering best-in-class client service. Sylvie serves as a strategic partner to executives within our client base, ensuring that our platform not only assists with administrative concerns, but also solves for large-scale business needs.
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March 12, 2017

7 Tips for Getting Recruiting Budget Approval ASAP

The days of posting job requirements to a simple job board and hoping for the right candidate to apply are over. Bersin’s Factbook, compiled from surveys of more than 400 talent acquisition pros at midsize and large US organizations, suggests 52 days as the average time-to-hire for most medium to large companies. Almost two months to fill a position? This statistic calls for urgency when it comes to improving our recruitment programs.

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Recruiting & Sourcing

February 28, 2017

5 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for the ATS

72% of submitted applications are never read by an actual person.

Does that surprise you? It’s due to the use of Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems scan resumes to determine if a candidate’s qualifications match up with what the company wants in an employee. If you’re missing certain keywords or have fewer qualifications than another applicant, then it’s unlikely your resume will ever be seen by a person and you won’t get the job. Fortunately, there are things you can do to optimize your resume and increase the chances it gets into the hands of the hiring manager.

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Recruiting & Sourcing

February 21, 2017

Why Every Hiring Manager Needs an ATS

In the recruiting world there has long been a division among HR professionals: they either praise the time-saving properties of an ATS or they believe an ATS doesn’t catch all suitable applicants. Applicant tracking systems have come a long way in recent years and new technology allows products and tools to be more competitive. Currently, around 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use a recruiting or applicant tracking system.

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February 11, 2017

A Template for Crafting the Best Job Descriptions

Accurate, engaging job descriptions and posts serve three equally important purposes. They help you comply with employment laws, draw better-qualified applicants and are a first step toward creating a more consistent and stronger process for hiring more “A Players.” Use this checklist to have all the necessary elements to fulfill the goals of legal compliance, better hiring and building a foundation for total Talent Success™.

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Quality of Hire

February 2, 2017

How to Create Winning Job Descriptions For Your Company Culture

When used properly and written effectively, job descriptions set transparent expectations for candidates and current employees, creating value for the company and your workforce from the first day on the job to the last. Use this checklist to craft better job descriptions to attract the top talent you are searching for!

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Quality of Hire

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