Is Keeping Your Employees “Happy” Worth It?

Recently, happiness has become something employers aspire to. It makes sense. Very few of us want to be the manager who makes employees miserable, even if it results in higher productivity. Happiness is so important, in fact, that Japanese tech conglomerate Hitachi is introducing a new happiness badge, which tracks each employee’s well-being by monitoring how they move around and sit at work. The details of the badge are still murky, but its existence highlights a key point about work: happiness is now seen as intrinsic to productivity.

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Engaging the HiPo: Handle with Care

It’s the stuff of succession planning dreams. Finding new company leadership by hiring for executive positions from within, filling holes within the enterprise by allowing strong leaders to emerge. Everyone would love for this to happen seamlessly, flawlessly. In reality, it’s much more difficult, so why do we continue to chase this difficult dream?

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How to Keep the Ball Rolling During Holiday Vacation Time

A whole new vacation season is about to be upon us—the holidays. Workers will be leaving the office left and right, for extended periods of time. Sick days are going to increase as cold and flu season hits and don’t forget about snow days. Leaders need to plan, prioritize and allocate effectively in order to keep the ball rolling while workers are in and out of the office. 

Time tracking software provider Toggl, conducted a study on productivity over the holidays. The study revealed a steady and dramatic decrease in work starting in mid-December, dropping by 52%, and not fully recovering until the end of January. Employers are looking at about 45 days of reduced productivity—that’s pretty significant. Leaders have to find the balance between facilitating a healthy work-life balance, and keeping the ball rolling in business during the holidays.

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5 Ways You Are Unwittingly Devaluing Your Employees

When leaders undervalue their workers, they are only making life harder on themselves. A devalued team is a disengaged, demotivated and dissonant team. Leaders don’t generally set out to decrease motivation and squash engagement; it’s just something that happens without strategic leadership.

The acknowledgement that we all know is so crucial for a healthy workforce tends to get lost in the day-to-day of business. Don’t stress, it happens to the best of leaders, but the first step is to recognize the problem. Be sure that you’re not guilty of these everyday ways that you could be unwittingly devaluing your employees.

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How Well Do You Know Your Workforce?

Are you a part of the oblivious mass of leaders living in a land where attraction, retention and engagement are a problem in everyone else’s organizations, but not yours? While you’re not alone, that’s not where you want to be. The idea that what you don’t know can’t hurt you has no place in running a workforce.

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