Of the hundreds of tools and techniques used by leaders to improve the productivity of their workforce, here at ClearCompany we have found that goal transparency has proven to be extremely effective. We also love proving results with metrics and analytics, because numbers don’t lie. Goal transparency delivers those production numbers time after time, and here’s how.  

The “Why” Motivates

Clearly communicating goals and every step within those goals gives workers the context of their work. They can have a solid understanding of how their day-to-day responsibilities affect the big picture. They get to see how what they are in charge of makes an impact on the organization as a whole, and that is extremely motivating. Tech and business journalist Karsten Strauss said:

“Business leaders have a clearer perspective on the bigger picture than their employees do. It pays to tell those under you what’s going on. Spreading the intel lets everyone in on the lay of the land and at the same time strengthens the feeling among workers that they are an important part of the organization.”

Off-Track Work is Wasted Work

Creating clear goals doesn’t just mean transparent macro business objectives, it means that each individual is supplied with daily goals that have a clear tie to those objectives. If progress isn’t constantly monitored, work can get off-track quickly. The real-time tracking of goals ensures that no irrelevant or inefficient work is going unaddressed. Our own Andre Lavoie explains it best:

“Company leaders are marching on confidently toward collective goals, but when they reach back for help, they realize their team has veered off long ago. All too often, employees are not aware of the larger goals that leadership is basing their strategy on. Teams and leaders start to drift in different directions when no one is quite sure how their own performance goals align with those of the company.”

Recognize and Reward

It’s no secret that employee recognition leads to a whole bunch of great stuff like engagement, productivity and even creativity. Acknowledged employees are motivated employees, yet so many leaders are notorious for under-valuing their workers.

Very often the reason is that they are out of touch. Leaders don’t know about success or extra effort until it’s too late, if at all. Let your performance management tools track these successes and alert you so that you can show timely and adequate recognition to your workforce.

No Creeds in Your Office

You know Creed, from the show The Office? No one really knows what he does, but he’s there every day. Do you have a Creed lurking about? No one is tracking their work, progress or engagement. The ability to work with under-performing employees to get their production and engagement up, starts with identifying the problems. Again, the proper talent management system will help guide that process.

Better Time Management

Another area in which real-time tracking and reporting is vital. Goal transparency allows leaders to create roadmaps and realistic timelines for each step of every process. By defining and tracking when each worker hits their goals, everyone can practice better time management. 

Reviews That Actually Matter

Reviews are getting a pretty bad rap lately because a lot of companies are basing them off of some pretty ancient practices. Transparent goals create a work environment in which everyone knows exactly what is expected from them, why and when. This makes tailored reviews a reality. Employees aren’t just one of many in the review process, they are an individual with individual goals, successes and issues. Custom reviews allow employers and employee to set better goals together.

Did you know that the right performance management system can help you improve productivity in all of these ways. We can help you reward, track, set goals, create effective reviews, manage your project timelines and identify the slackers. If you didn’t know that performance management software did all that and more, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know the possibilities of what the right software can do for their organization. See for yourself and click here for a demo.

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