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Announcing: A Commitment to Innovation with ClearCompany Labs

July 22, 2019
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


ClearCompany has always been committed to providing HR professionals with the most effective, state-of-the-art, and user-friendly talent management tools to help save them time and improve hiring and retention outcomes. To further accelerate our pace of innovation, we’re pleased to announce the establishment of new ClearCompany Labs; ClearCompany’s new in-house think tank and development studio for talent management innovation. The ClearCompany Labs mandate is to pursue next-generation Talent Management solutions. ClearCompany Labs teams operate with technical staff and resources and a budget strictly dedicated to the goal of pursuing HR innovation excellence.

Read on to learn more about how the ClearCompany Labs teams work and what ClearCompany Labs expects to bring to customers and HR partners.

Why We Created ClearCompany Labs

ClearCompany Labs enables us to develop new talent management products faster. Operating separately from standard product development, Labs is a way to accelerate product ideation, jumpstart new product development, and fuel creativity and innovation. Labs initiatives will expand the breadth and depth of ClearCompany’s product portfolio.

At a given time, 15% of ClearCompany’s technical professionals are 100% dedicated to a Lab initiative. Our investment in Labs is an investment in our technical people, and a bet on their insights, creativity, and productivity. Labs innovation cycles often generate next-wave features and functionality that we can share with our customers. The Labs approach generates fresh ideas and new ways of thinking and reinforces a rapid and dynamic “test and learn” approach to innovation.

For Our Customers

The establishment of ClearCompany Labs is a big win for our customers. Through Labs, we can now provide customers with more chances to see, test drive, and weigh in on our next wave of platform solutions early and often. You will have the opportunity to get an inside track on our development process, conceptual designs, and how we’re thinking about the talent challenges that organizations face — and you can explore and evaluate all of this before market release. Once our product does hit the market, you can have confidence that it has been extensively developed, tested, tried, and vetted before it is added to the ClearCompany platform and is generally available.

Customers who want a front-row seat on Innovation are invited to participate in the ClearCompany Labs development process and should reach out to their ClearCompany CSM to learn more.

@ClearCompany announces their new think tank and development studio for #TalentManagement #Innovation: ClearCompany Labs! Learn more about their mission here:

Our latest ClearCompany Labs Release: Celebrations

New Celebrations, and its sister launch, Shout Outs, are great examples of the types of innovations you can expect from ClearCompany Labs. Celebrations and Shout Outs are ClearCompany’s first employee engagement and social recognition tools. With these social, lightweight, and easy-to-use tools, you can modernize the way your organization celebrates and shares employees’ personal milestones, successes, and contributions to the business including:

  • Employee Birthdays
  • Work Anniversaries
  • New Hire Welcomes
  • Shouts Outs for a Job Well Done
  • Thank Yous and Appreciation

Celebrations help promote a positive workplace culture by placing celebratory messages on the ClearCompany newsfeed and across Slack channels to broadcast employees’ special moments and peer appreciation. Social sharing tools let co-workers chime in to amplify the message. These tools are seamlessly activated through your existing ClearCompany platform. Activate just one, or use them all to generate goodwill, foster teamwork, make people happy, and strengthen employee engagement. To find out more about Celebrations and Shout Outs or to activate these employee engagement and recognition tools, contact your ClearCompany representative.

ClearCompany Labs already has many other exciting new product concepts under development to strengthen your HR and recruiting practices. Look out for upcoming Lab innovations and participate in an upcoming Labs product trial. To learn more about ClearCompany Labs or how ClearCompany’s solutions can improve your talent management processes, reach out to our experts today.

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