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As ClearCompany's HR Business Partner, Laura focuses on all things HR including managing employee benefits, onboarding and engagement initiatives. With a keen focus on best-practices, she serves as a strategic partner to the leadership team by acting as a trusted resource on a wide variety of human resources topics including policy interpretation, creating and recommending enhancements to the HR process, and career development.
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What 4 Great Leaders Have to Say About Treating Your Candidates Right

As a recruiter, tight deadlines and open seats produce all the pressure you need in an 8-hour day. There is a lot to be done and a great amount of it falls on you and the unpredictable candidates you interact with. Because of this, it can easily slip your mind that on the other side of that phone, email, text, etc. is a 3-dimensional human. Check out how these 4 leaders are keeping their candidate experience in check.

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Candidate Experience

13 Experts Who Inspire Us to Fight for a Better Candidate Experience

4 Things Philz Coffee Does to Create a Memorable Candidate Experience by Sid Lipsey (@SidLipsey)

See how this San Francisco-based coffee house, frequented by Mark Zuckerberg, provides a one-of-a-kind candidate experience that makes applicants come running! One of their most notable differences is that they actually record the interviews to see how well the interviewer aligned with the Philz brand. Feedback is then sent to the interviewer and followed up with in a development plan to increase recruiting effectiveness. However, at Philz, they don’t call it feedback. They just call it helping! Find out more of Philz’s candidate experience secrets here…

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Candidate Experience

Cringe-Worthy Stats to Crush Your Onboarding Disbelief

We may be a little biased in this claim, but onboarding is important. Running a business and managing people come with a lot of responsibilities and the stress of ensuring all the pieces align at the end of the week is overwhelming. Of course, with all that to worry about, some pieces of the process are lost in the shuffle. That might be why approximately 35% of companies spend zero dollars on onboarding. Zero. If you are of the mindset that onboarding is…

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Employee Onboarding

10 Mind-blowing Statistics on Performance Reviews and Employee Engagement

Employees are constantly looking to improve themselves and are looking for timely, specific and helpful feedback. Don’t use the annual performance review as your only opportunity to tell your employees what's working and what's not. Daniel Pink, the Washington D.C.-based author says, "There's no way to get better at something you only hear about once a year."

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Employee Engagement

Managing to Your Employer Brand Promise

The idea that having a strong employer brand is something no one ignores anymore. 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying and 56% of recruiters say it is a top priority. Those numbers have us pouring over job advertisements, career pages and social networks to show an authentic and accurate brand that appeals to our own definition of the dream employee. An A-Player. It might seem like an impossible feat to actually find such a creature, but we stand behind our well-thought out mission and values while hoping he or she is indeed out there. Or do we?

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Employer Branding

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