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How to Save More Time Screening Candidates

November 24, 2015
5 min read
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Interviewing candidates is time consuming. It’s exhausting. It’s expensive. How can you shorten the interview process without sacrificing great clients? You screen the talent pool first. The ATS filters candidates that don’t meet the minimum requirements, but what happens after that is normally left up to the recruiters to determine which of the qualified candidates they’ve been given to truly merit an interview. The solution to an easier, faster, more effective screening process is through video. Candidates are able to record the questions at their leisure, you’re able to review them when you have time, and best of all, it’s standardized.

Standardization is the Key

Your candidates need the same opportunities to shine as their competition. Video candidate screening has quickly become a standardized process in recruitment strategies. Throughout the recruiting process, you have standardized job descriptions, job ads and applications, so why not include video to streamline your internal process and standardize the candidate pool as much as possible? 


candidate-screening Video candidate screening has quickly become a standardized process in recruitment strategies.


The goal of recruitment technology is to make the administrative functions of the recruitment department less burdensome so the actual recruiters can focus on the human interpersonal communication that is the foundation of their jobs. Video is the next step in this standardization of human capital before the interview process; after all, you want a manageable talent pool. 

Slimmer Talent Pool

On average, job seekers look through 18 different sources to find positions to apply for. That means you can expect a large number of candidates for each position you advertise. As wonderful as it would be if every applicant fit a position in the company in skill and culture, the truth is, that just won’t happen. After the applicant tracking system, you still have the candidates that used the right keywords in the right places and the candidates who truly do have the right skill set for the role. What comes next? The interview process?


candidate-screeningOn average, job seekers look through 18 different sources to find positions to apply for.


No, not yet. You need another way to slim the talent pool before the interview process starts. You can send the qualified candidates (the ones who made it through the ATS), through a video screening process so the interview process is more thorough and concise.

It’s all in the Teamwork

The best part about video screening is recruiters and hiring managers can share the recorded footage of qualified candidates with colleagues for a better hiring decision. It’s not uncommon for more than one hiring manager to work together to make better hiring decisions. That’s why these pre-recorded videos are so beneficial for the recruitment process - the ability to share videos makes it much easier to share with other stakeholders. This de-jumbles recruiting for everyone involved and function as pre-employment evaluations, subsequently reducing the amount of times candidates spend in recruitment limbo. Lisa Quast (@careerwomaninc), Career Coach and Business Consultant, said:

“Employers can increase the likelihood of hiring high-quality candidates by using pre-employment tests to help screen and select the best candidates for jobs. Administered correctly, pre-employment testing can help companies save time and cost in the selection process, decrease turnover, increase productivity, and improve morale.” 

Before you waste your time, energy and money interviewing candidates who aren’t quite qualified, have them video record their answers to predetermined questions. You can screen the candidates who barely made it through the ATS and narrow the talent pool to your ideal candidates. With the standardization it makes the process easier for you and your team because you have the ability to effortlessly share great candidate videos with other hiring managers to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Save valuable candidate screening time with the right video interviewing software.


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