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As ClearCompany's HR Business Partner, Laura focuses on all things HR including managing employee benefits, onboarding and engagement initiatives. With a keen focus on best-practices, she serves as a strategic partner to the leadership team by acting as a trusted resource on a wide variety of human resources topics including policy interpretation, creating and recommending enhancements to the HR process, and career development.
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5 Recruiting Reports to Run Every Month

If you measured every single metric within recruiting, chances are you would spend most of your time measuring recruiting instead of actually recruiting. Measuring recruiting activities is important, however, there are reports and metrics that are more important than others. Keeping a tab on the important metrics allows recruiters to stay informed on what is being done right and what needs to be fixed. Whether you are a large or small organization, we have outlined the 5 most important recruiting reports to run every month:

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Recruiting & Sourcing

Workforce Planning: A Forward-Looking Approach to Getting the Right People in the Right Jobs

Workforce planning is a core function of human resources, and it’s key to the identification and analysis of what an organization is going to need in terms of its talent. Workforce planning determines what mix of experience, knowledge and skills are required to get the best people in the right roles at the right place.

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Quality of Hire

How to Give the Right Amount of Feedback to High Performers

Giving feedback to any of your employees can be troublesome, but when it comes to high performers, things can get a little more complex. Although it may be tempting to focus more on employees who need help, you can’t ignore your high performers. You don’t want to be standing over their shoulder, micromanaging every move they make, but how much feedback is the right amount and what should it include?

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Talent Management

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Employee Retention?

The business world seems to have caught onto the fact that human beings aren’t very good at multitasking, yet we often find ourselves juggling more things than we truly can handle. In the world of HR and Recruiting, this couldn’t be more true. We like to find trends, latch on to the newest tactic or heed the latest advice. We pride ourselves on finding the biggest challenge and meeting it head on with a new approach.

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Talent Management

How a Workplace Mentoring Program Can Benefit Your Company

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by about the mentoring program we have started at ClearCompany. Interested to learn how you can start a program designed to tackle your company's biggest challenges? See below!

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Talent Management, Management, Mentoring

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