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10 Recruiting Dos and Don’ts for 2017

December 28, 2016
8 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged

2016 is coming to a close and whether you feel it was good or not, one thing we can all agree on is recruiting has continued to advance. From digital recruitment marketing efforts to AI and more, it’s tough to keep up. This is also the best time to start preparing for any other changes that may come your way. What can you do in 2017 to help your recruitment endeavors? We’ve got you covered with these 10 tips:

DO: Measure ROI

Stop guessing and start using your resources. There are lots of metric tools out there to measure everything from number of hires to expenses, quality of hire and everything in between. Instead of estimating those important numbers and stressing about how the unknown is affecting your budget, these tools will give you a look at the ins and outs of all your recruiting efforts. Finally, a way to see if all those career fairs are really worth it.

DO: Be a Little See Through

We mean being transparent with your candidates. You may not think this is a big deal, but for potential employees, not having this openness can be a real deal-breaker. Candidates want to know what it will be like to work for you, so don’t hide the little stuff. It’s important they understand exactly what they are getting into, which can help with their performance as well as retention levels. CareerBuilder found that 37% of employees consider leaving their jobs based of their boss’ poor performance, referencing that transparency.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png How lack of transparency with #candidates is ruining your overall performance and retention levels:

DON’T: Leave Out Employees

Have great employees? Don’t hide them from the world. Give them some public kudos, not only as an example to others but also as a simple way to show you are grateful for all their work. For recruiting, this helps bring attention to what type of people excel on your team and gives an honest view of your organization. You can even try allowing candidates to ask your employees questions and make them a part of the hiring process.

DON’T: Ignore the Idea of Video Interviews

This concept has become all the rage the last few years and it’s popularity continues to grow as more tech-savvy Millennials enter the workforce. Video not only helps your employer brand when looking for new hires, but it can make comparing and contrasting candidates even easier. By recording and re-watching interviews, you can easily revisit key moments of the interview to decide if the candidate is a fit. A study found, 63% of HR managers use or have used video interviewing recently in the hiring process. It’s time to be apart of the growing trend.


CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png 63% of #HR managers use video interviewing. Will this help or hurt #hiring in 2017? Read more:

DO: Listen to Customer Support

These are the people who get close and personal with your customers or clients, so why wouldn’t you be interested in what they have to say, or even take some of their advice? The US average time-to-hire is 24 days. Take advantage of your resources and work together to find the right length of recruitment for your organization. Remember, the longer yours is, the better the chance you lose an amazing hire to a quicker company.

DON’T: Take All the Responsibility

When it comes to hiring, it can be hard not to feel like the world is on your shoulders. But, again, there are tools and resources to help. Invest in scheduling tools to take off some of the pressure and maybe even consider outsourcing for any big hiring duties.

DO: Get Feedback

You’ve heard time and time again how important feedback is with employee performance, but it matters a lot when it comes to candidate experience too. Whether through email or even real-time, it’s a good idea to get their stance on how the interview process went for them. Was there a lack of communication? Did they receive a response in a timely manner? These are all great things to consider when wondering about how you can improve the hiring process in the future.

DO: Take Advantage of Apps

Mobile recruiting is on the rise, and apps are one great way to get involved. 45% of job seekers say they use their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once a day, so it’s important to create a presence on any of these apps they could be using. Encouraging current employees to leave reviews on sites like Glassdoor is a great place to start.

DON’T: Forget About Your Visual Brand

Articles and blogs are fine and dandy, but the imagery and design you share are just as important. Recruiting has gone mobile and social, meaning it’s time to focus on creating attention grabbing photos and even videos and GIFs. This gives your company brand an actual “look” and “feel” certain candidates can relate to and be interested in. It’s also one of the best ways to showcase your company culture and find the perfect hire.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png Are you considering your visual #brand as a #recruiting method? Here's why (and how) to start:

DO: Connect with Others

Get involved in talent communities and base them on different demographics you could be looking for. This can include things like region, skills, degree, experience level, and others. Obviously, these should all be marketed and treated differently depending on who you are trying to attract. Create connections, get out there and engage.
Don’t wait to fall behind on the latest recruiting trends. Implementing these tactics now is a for-sure way to market to and find the best talent. So, what are you waiting for? Recruit. Still need a few more pointers for the New Year? Check out our 9 ways to recharge your recruitment department here!
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