How I Halved My Time-to-Hire by Leveraging Hidden Data

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of tripling the size of a team over the course of only 8 months. This was the first time in my career I had ever done something like this, and I can tell you it’s no walk in the park. In fact, it was straight up overwhelming at first; how could I possibly find so many talented people who not only knew the work, but fit in with the company in such a short time frame? I’m incredibly attached to my work and this company, so I refused to allow myself to compromise on quality. This meant I needed to figure out how to recruit smarter, faster and more efficiently than I ever had.

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Time Management

How Goal Transparency Improves Productivity


Of the hundreds of tools and techniques used by leaders to improve the productivity of their workforce, here at ClearCompany we have found that goal transparency has proven to be extremely effective. We also love proving results with metrics and analytics, because numbers don’t lie. Goal transparency delivers those production numbers time after time, and here’s how.  

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