How to Keep the Ball Rolling During Holiday Vacation Time

A whole new vacation season is about to be upon us—the holidays. Workers will be leaving the office left and right, for extended periods of time. Sick days are going to increase as cold and flu season hits and don’t forget about snow days. Leaders need to plan, prioritize and allocate effectively in order to keep the ball rolling while workers are in and out of the office. 

Time tracking software provider Toggl, conducted a study on productivity over the holidays. The study revealed a steady and dramatic decrease in work starting in mid-December, dropping by 52%, and not fully recovering until the end of January. Employers are looking at about 45 days of reduced productivity—that’s pretty significant. Leaders have to find the balance between facilitating a healthy work-life balance, and keeping the ball rolling in business during the holidays.

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Is Your Open Office Putting You Off?


Do you remember when everyone started knocking down cubicles, going office-less and embracing the open office floor plans? Do you also remember when they all realized that it was extremely noisy, distracting, smelly, and lacking privacy?

The open office trend comes with a lot of great benefits like increased collaboration, energy and innovation. The idea was to embrace the employee-centric culture, knock down the hierarchical pyramid and create a more horizontal vibe in the workplace. The flaw is that just about everyone went out, bought a pair of noise canceling headphones, put them on and never took them off again.

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Earn a Strike With Better Workplace Alignment


We’re all about getting everyone on the same page. When a workforce is disjointed, it shows. There are several methods and tools that leaders can implement to help get their workforce not only working together, but also working toward a common goal.

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Let Me Shout It From the Mountain Top: Paperless Onboarding Will Save You Time

As a Relationship Manager at ClearCompany, my raison d’etre is to save our clients time.  More often than not, this means singing the praises of our Paperless Onboarding Module. One of my first converts, let’s call her Maggie, is a one-woman HR show. When I met her, Maggie was implementing our Applicant Tracking System, and her most time consuming duty was onboarding a new hire. Keep Reading

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