Change Management is Not a Choice

Only 30% of change programs succeed. The statistic is nearly ten years old, yet so believable and supported by far newer surveys. That’s right, even in a world where we can accept our operating systems are outdated in less than a year, we somehow cannot seem to update our business or organizational processes successfully or unscathed. Chalk it up to human nature’s hatred of change or downright obliviousness, but don’t kid yourself: we needed to master change management and we needed to yesterday.

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How Start-Ups Use Their Product Roadmap to Influence Recruiting


If you follow business news, you know it can be exciting to watch a start-up make plans to improve or expand their products or services. Leaders make plans and promises that require an entire workforce to perform well, often under the spotlight. However, if recruitment efforts are misaligned with the company roadmap, goals are missed, delivery dates are pushed and things start to devolve. 

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Much of Your Staff's Effort is Being Wasted. Fix it with Talent Alignment to see Huge Productivity Gains.

It’s no secret that collaboration is the key to a successful organization. But, despite all the technology we have to keep us connected, the modern workplace is full of roadblocks that stop employees from working together.

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