The 4 Leadership Issues You Can’t Ignore Anymore

Bad bosses take the blame for a lot of what goes wrong in the workplace. Low engagement rates, high turnover, employee dissatisfaction and even poor employer branding will often get placed squarely on the shoulders of supervisors. A constant passing of the buck, and probably some not so fair statistics have led to the idea that a bad boss epidemic is at the core of business issues. But are the bosses really all to blame? Are they really the cause of all of these issues?

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The DOL's Overtime Ruling and Your Organization

As you have likely heard, the Department of Labor recently made a final ruling on the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding overtime standards. This ruling will affect about 4 million employees and in turn, the organizations they work for. So how might you be affected by this new standard? We’ve compiled a few articles and resources to help you get caught up on the news and learn what lies ahead:

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Changing Up the Way You Lead: You're Not Always Right

There is no one perfect way to lead. There are leaders that excel because of their impeccable communication skills, their charisma or even the respect their presence demands. But when your leadership techniques aren’t working time and time again, what are you supposed to do? Switch it up. Try new approaches. Fact: No one’s right 100% of the time and if you really truly think you are then working in leadership is likely not the place for you. How do you switch up the way you lead, though?

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Climbing the Dawn Wall: 3 Lessons on Pursuing Organizational Goals

This week, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made history when they completed the first successful free ascent of the hardest climb in the world, the Dawn Wall route in Yosemite. They lived on this massive vertical face for 19 days with no break, attempting the difficult sections countless times before finally making it to the top. This success came after many aborted attempts - these two climbers have tried the route over and over again for seven years but were met with failure each time until now. Their story of pursuing the impossible is incredibly inspiring not only for rock climbers like myself, but for anyone who has dared to leap into the unknown to pursue a goal.
The challenges we face in the workplace are not as life-threatening as those faced by Tommy and Kevin on the rock but they can be frightening nonetheless. Success often depends on taking risks and thinking bigger and bolder than the competition. The best companies out there are the ones that encourage their people to pursue the impossible and achieve it against all odds. So, what lessons can we learn from these rock climbers and apply to our professional goals?
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The Macro Differences Between Leaders and Micromanagers


There is a lot of pressure on managements’ shoulders on a daily basis to walk that tightrope between being the liked facilitator, and the pressure-on, guy or gal who gets the job done. The line between being a driven leader and a micromanager is one that can get blurry from leadership’s standpoint. 

When the buck stops with you, and your team hasn’t fulfilled their responsibilities, or they have neglected to reach standards, it can be infuriating. This is when leaders are up until 3am finishing or redoing a project, or spending a frustrating amount of time fixing mistakes. That’s when the micromanaging tendencies kick in.

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