How to Create a Professional Development Program on Zero Budget

Professional development is tough when your team has the drive to improve their skills but the organization doesn’t have the funding to back the desire for growth. As a leader, you want your employees to advance professionally, but there are other areas of the company you still need to allocate money to. It’s doubly harsh to compete in a talent market where training and development spend has risen by 15% in the last year. Just because everyone else spends more on development doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re looking help your employees on their path of professional development while saving the corporate wallet, we recommend the following tips.

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How to Model Your Ideal Candidate Profile After High-Performers

You may have heard about the benefits of high-performers. You may have heard, for example, how they can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer. Then you realize your ideal candidate profile probably won’t attract the high-performers you’re looking for. You want a “hard worker? A “team player?” So does everyone else. If you want to model your ideal candidate profile to attract high-performers, you have to be more specific. Look for candidates who’ll be satisfied on the job, hold themselves accountable, and not be afraid of failure.

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The Macro Differences Between Leaders and Micromanagers


There is a lot of pressure on managements’ shoulders on a daily basis to walk that tightrope between being the liked facilitator, and the pressure-on, guy or gal who gets the job done. The line between being a driven leader and a micromanager is one that can get blurry from leadership’s standpoint. 

When the buck stops with you, and your team hasn’t fulfilled their responsibilities, or they have neglected to reach standards, it can be infuriating. This is when leaders are up until 3am finishing or redoing a project, or spending a frustrating amount of time fixing mistakes. That’s when the micromanaging tendencies kick in.

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