Open Enrollment - Here's what to do next

It’s coming! Pretty soon, you won’t have to manage open enrollment anymore. But once you’ve celebrated with a glass of champagne, consider these crucial post open enrollment steps to take to ensure an even smoother process next year!

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Preparing for 2018 ACA Reporting? Here’s What You Need to Know

With the month of November comes a long list of business administrative duties. In addition to the nearing end of the year, there is also the start of open enrollment. As the open enrollment for 2017 begins, many employers may struggle to work with the requirements of the fairly new Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as process how the new presidential administration may have affected the responsibilities of participating organizations. This post will help you prepare for 2018 ACA reporting.

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How To Prepare For HR Year-End: A Checklist To Get Started

How To Prepare For HR Year-End: A Checklist To Get Started

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60+ Ways to Improve Your HR Career


Stuck in an HR rut? We know what it’s like to want to enhance your career and not know how to. That’s why we’ve put together this amazing list of helpful resources for you to use and check out. Take a look:

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How To Convince Your Employees Change is Good

This article, written in November 2015, has been updated to reflected updated information as of January 2017. For more articles on leadership and talent management, take a look at these:

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