Managing Low Performers: When Enough is Enough


Managers are regularly faced with tough decisions. Deciding when to let someone go isn’t easy, especially if all the options haven’t been weighed and today’s growing skills gap puts every decision a manager makes under the microscope. The need for qualified talent is growing, but availability of the right candidates seems to be shrinking.

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The Psychology of Making Bad Decisions at Work


Employees make mistakes all the time. Whether it’s a failure to document something, CCing the wrong person in an email thread, or any of the several other legal mistakes that can cost your company; employees always seem to be between one mistake and the next. But how do these mistakes happen? Why does it feel like people are making more mistakes on a regular basis nowadays? What do you do about these mistakes? As it turns out, there are answers to all of these questions, and it's often about how you look at the problem.

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