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Onboarding Applicant Tracking System Case Study Healthcare

Salus University Hires Top Healthcare Educators with ClearCompany

August 8, 2023
4 min read

Salus University Success


ClearCompany’s mission is to help thousands of clients achieve their own missions by maximizing their employees’ talent. The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform helps clients in every industry revolutionize hiring and manage the entire employee lifecycle. Our experts are passionate about helping HR teams improve and support all types of workforces by way of our full-platform talent management solution and with best-practice knowledge.

Frequently, ClearCompany clients sit down with us to share what drove the need for a software solution at their company and their experience using our award-winning software. From biotech robotics companies to private universities, we are dedicated to ensuring clients’ growth and success through the employees who make it happen every day.

To view all our case studies of real clients and their success using ClearCompany, please go to our case study library.

A View Into Salus University

Salus University offers professional and graduate degree programs to over 1,200 students both on-campus and around the globe, specializing in degrees for the healthcare professions. Salus also serves the Philadelphia community through local clinics for vision, hearing, and speech-language pathology services.

See how Salus University upgraded to digital #TalentAcquisition processes and hires and onboards top educators faster than ever with ClearCompany:

The Problem: Hiring Hold-Ups and Outdated Onboarding

Educating healthcare professionals requires A-players in staff and faculty positions. Salus was struggling to get jobs posted and hire top talent in a timely manner. The university’s pain points included manual, paper-based processes that drew out the approval process for new requisitions. Open roles took weeks to be posted and hiring was slow.

The onboarding process that followed included mounds of paperwork that forced HR and new hires to focus on filling out forms instead of getting to know their colleagues and learning their roles. Salus also needed a solution that worked with its payroll provider, ADP.

Salus needed to quickly implement robust hiring and onboarding software to hire top talent and get them up to speed fast.

The Solution: A Top Talent Acquisition System

ClearCompany’s Talent Acquisition suite hit all the marks for Salus University. The private college found that our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding software were the right fit for their needs. Salus’ HR team quickly started saving time and effort after implementing an online onboarding process and our advanced recruiting tools. Not to mention, ClearCompany’s comprehensive integration with ADP made adding employees to company payroll a breeze.

View Case Study: Learn how ClearCompany enables Salus to hire and onboard faster so educators can start doing important work shaping future healthcare professionals.

“The biggest win was to eliminate all the paperwork that employees have to do on the first day. It helps them get prepared beforehand and think of questions to bring on the first day. It also saves time on our end so that we do not have to sit here and do the onboarding with them.”

- Lindsey Cardillo, HRIS Administrator

The Results: Speedy, State-of-the-Art Hiring and Onboarding

For Salus, the ClearCompany difference means:

  • Advanced recruiting tools that allow them to post jobs faster and speed up the hiring process
  • Digital onboarding that enables new hires to complete paperwork online before their first day and makes it easy to keep forms up-to-date
  • Talent Communities and Candidate Sharing that allows Salus’ HR team to quickly match candidates with best-fit requisitions
  • Seamless integration with ADP that eliminates the need for HR to manually enter new hire data and allows clients to instantly create reports with data from multiple systems
  • Easy access to critical EEO data to enable compliance
  • Outstanding customer service from ClearCompany

See how Salus uses ClearCompany reporting to meet compliance requirements.
Salus University Success Story

With ClearCompany as its talent acquisition platform, Salus now has an efficient, automated recruiting and onboarding process. Plus, its HR team benefits from an industry-leading integration with ADP and robust reporting features that utilize data from both systems, aiding them well beyond hiring and onboarding.

“Sharing candidates from one requisition to another is very convenient. We had one position open and they received a lot of great candidates and the same position just opened again while the other one is still open. We’re able to move candidates around as needed, which is really great.” -- Lindsey Cardillo, HRIS Administrator

ClearCompany's Talent Acquisition suite utilizes your company’s mission and vision to find, hire, and engage more top talent while checking the list on every feature and administrative need. Our integrated platform moves beyond hiring and recruiting the right people for your business and helps you build HR strategies on industry-leading talent management practices.

With countless features to facilitate every aspect of your talent acquisition processes, ClearCompany is the best choice for companies in every industry. With a best-in-class applicant tracking and onboarding system, seamless integrations, and in-depth reporting, ClearCompany helps you recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain A-players every step of the way.

For Salus University, the benefits of ClearCompany Talent Acquisition were clear. To learn more about Salus University’s success with ClearCompany, read the full case study below.

Fresh Tools for Fast Talent Aquisition: Discover how Salus University took talent acquisition up a notch with ClearCompany

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