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November 22, 2019
3 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Monteith Construction needed to solve a problem many of us are familiar with. They were growing quickly, and they needed a steady stream of talent. But not just any applicants — applicants who were highly-skilled industry professionals. Until recently, they’d been managing their recruiting process manually, but it wasn’t accomplishing what they needed. They were looking for a way to streamline their talent acquisition process so that they could find, engage, and hire the top talent in their field, while also placing priority on keeping and developing the talent they already have.

What happens when you’ve outgrown your #HR process? Read the @ClearCompany case study on how they partnered with Monteith Construction at a time when they were growing faster than they could manage on their own:

The Problem

Monteith’s Direct of Talent and Technology, Stephen Donley, said their previous methods were “disjointed… [they used] multiple job boards with different login information, and a spreadsheet for tracking candidates.” They had a shaky onboarding program that differed with whoever acted as the coordinator, and experience varied greatly from person to person as they joined the team. They did everything through Google docs, and it was unsustainable.

The Solution

Monteith partnered with ClearCompany to organize and streamline their talent acquisition process. ClearCompany is the only talent management platform based on the A method for hiring. With ClearCompany, Monteith had access to leading-industry tools for tasks like posting requisitions, interview scheduling, and online, paperless onboarding. 

Beyond hiring, they also created a comprehensive performance management process, including regular review cycles, continuous feedback, and 360-degree reviews to support the long-term success of their employees and new hires. With ClearCompany, Monteith can now hire faster and immediately align individual work and goals with the company's greater business objectives.

ClearCompany has helped Monteith save time and money by organizing their hiring process, while also making it possible to remain consistent in their efforts to keep the best talent in their industry flowing through their talent funnel. They have the capacity now to keep up with their growth and increased demand, without expanding their HR team. What’s more, they can keep their talent — old and new — engaged and motivated with our suite of tools made for boosting employee engagement. 

“We’re proud to have created a truly holistic talent management solution that not only enables Monteith Construction to hire top talent, but to keep them continually engaged. Some talent platforms will help you find great candidates, but ClearCompany helps you find and retain great employees.” — Christine Rose, Vice President of Customer Success, ClearCompany

To learn more about Monteith Construction's needs and how ClearCompany solved their most important HR issues, download the full case study below. To learn how ClearCompany works with your industry or how you can partner with ClearCompany and transform your talent management, speak to our experts today.

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