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Is Performance Management Data Completely Backward?

Ever since Deloitte announced their revival of better performance management, the subject as a whole has been under fire. People hate performance reviews, but they need the ratings. The ratings aren’t accurate, but they need to promote. The people they promote aren’t qualified, so you end up hiring new people anyway. The truth is, the poor cycle of performance management blunders can be solved with a simple word: data. Now, you probably already use data, in fact, I know you do. Between your applicant tracking system, your talent management, and even your performance management, it’s a vital part of your organization. However, when you look at the information… how accurate is your performance management data? It’s not.

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Jobseekers, You’re Hurting Your Chances

As the CEO of a company, I find myself knee-deep in resumes from everyone from the local mail carrier to my second cousin twice removed. I spend countless hours on LinkedIn and I’ve interviewed, hired and screened more people than I care to count. Helping people find their calling in life is truly a great feeling and I’m going to let you in a little secret, we want you to succeed in the interview process! We really do!

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How to Craft a Better Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal isn't the most popular part of an employee’s job. Though companies around the world commit to them every year, 45% of employees think they are a complete waste of time.

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7 Predictions About the Future of Employer Branding

The misappropriation of employer branding responsibility has 41% of professionals believing HR has a relatively passive role in the process. The same 41% said they believe HR is only consulted or informed about employer branding, but doesn’t play a principal role in the actual process. The truth is, however, the recruiters and human resource experts are the forerunners of developing an organization’s name as an employer. How are HR professionals shifting the future of employer branding? There are 7 changes to employer branding to expect from the HR department over the next 5 years.

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What to Do if You Can’t Manage Talent… But Have to

Not everyone can be a manager. It’s why only 1 in 10 people possess high talent to manage, and why companies don’t choose the right person for management jobs 82% of the time. Very few have the ability to lead teams, engage them, and handle the stressful workloads of working between employees and corporate. But if you’re not the lucky 1 in 10 who can manage talent effectively, what do you do?

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