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How to Get the Most Out of Your Middle Managers

Do middle managers define your organization’s success? Your HR pro might think so. In fact, HR rates middle managers as the most critical level of management. 48% of HR executives rank mid-level managers as the role that needs to be the most up to speed, while only 25% rank senior-level managers as the most important. Why the emphasis on middle management?

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: They’re Hired! Now What? [Part 6]


In the previous installments to this series, we discussed why your company should have a better mobile application process, why it’s important to develop good job ads and have an inspiring brand that’s appealing to the mobile user, how to use social media and sourcing to find the right candidates, how to [optimize your career page for mobile and why video interviewing is the future when it comes to interviewing mobile candidates. Let’s say you have a candidate who has gone through all these steps, looked like a great hire, interviewed well, and accepted your job offer. How can mobile help make the training process better for you and your new hire?

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: Harnessing the Mobile Interview [Part 5]

After deciding you need a better mobile application process, you’ve built your job ads and have started developing your brand the way you want to, done the work of socially sourcing your applicants, and built or outsourced your brand new mobile careers page. Your candidates can find your job postings, they like the way you’ve presented your company online, and can get in and out of the mobile application process in minutes. You have a good pool of candidates and want to start talking to them. But how can video interviews help? 

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: Building a Smoother Mobile Experience [Part 4]

You’ve decided you need a better mobile application experience, have your employee branding and job ads where you want them, and have a good social media recruiting and sourcing strategy. Now it’s time to build your site and make sure you’re ready to process mobile applications.

If you want to attract mobile candidates, your site needs to work well. The 43% of job applicants looking for work on mobile don’t want to find a computer to apply; 27% of them expect to apply directly from their mobile device. If you want the mobile candidates you’ve attracted to stick around long enough to apply and (hopefully) become your next employee, make it a no-brainer to apply.

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: Subtle Success with Social Sourcing [Part 3]

You know why you want a better mobile application process, and you’ve started down the path promoting your employer brand and creating better job postings. But once you’ve put yourself out there, how do you find these new mobile candidates? Best-case scenario means the right candidates find you. But the best recruiters are active, looking for candidates constantly and directing them to the open positions they need to fill and building relationships for the future. This is where social sourcing comes in. 

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