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Better Hiring Through Mobile: Ads to Engage, Brands to Inspire [Part 2]

So now you’re convinced you need a better mobile application experience. But where do you start? Between building a website, sourcing on social, and using the right applicant tracking system, figuring out mobile recruiting can feel like juggling multiple projects at once, and often, these elements have to proceed in lockstep before any of them can continue. This can lead to lots of waiting on the people working on each project, and it can feel like you’re not getting anything done.

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Better Hiring Through Mobile: Why You Need a Mobile Application Process [Part 1]

If you’re looking to make better hires, get them in the door more efficiently, and do it all on budget, you should first recognize one of the biggest ways employers aren’t reaching applicants: Mobile. A mobile website, complete with a career page and a mobile job application process handled entirely on a phone or tablet is something candidates have consistently made clear they’re looking for. As of last year, 59% of candidates use phones or tablets to search for jobs, 52% use them to apply. What’s more, 90% of people are predicted to have a smartphone by 2020.

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Talent Management: Educating Managers [Part 3]

Employee engagement is often attributed to the work environment, the work itself, and even a lack of communication. What has a tendency to fly under the radar, however, is the managers who supervise them. A poor manager can leave the team disengaged and unmotivated to strive beyond the bare minimum. Unfortunately, some managers aren’t prepared enough to feel comfortable leading their team. In order to increase employee engagement, companies have to educate managers in the art of… well, managing.

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Talent Management: Sustaining Performance [Part 2]

 The biggest factor in driving organizational growth is talent management. The problem with talent management is that it is such a large portion of business, that in itself can be hard to manage. This three-part series addresses some of the aspects of talent management and how to resolve poor talent management practices.

Your team depends on managers to guide them and give them feedback, but unfortunately, not every manager has been properly equipped with the tools they need to invest in their employees. Without that dedication to employees, succession planning becomes a much more difficult task because there is a limited supply of prepared leaders already a part of the organization.

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Talent Management: Driving Engagement [Part 1]

Take a look at your current talent management strategy -- what do you see? Disengaged employees, poor management, lackluster culture? Well, the issues lie in your talent management. This series discusses some of the driving factors to an effective talent management system including what’s necessary to drive employee engagement. At the core of that talent management is employee engagement, and with a majority of leaders well-informed on the state of current engagement levels across the board, it’s time to reassess where the problem actually comes from.

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