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How to Track Employee Performance While Working Remotely

May 12, 2020
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Remote work allows for greater flexibility for both the employer and the employee. However, it can also pose great challenges. With productivity top of mind for HR leaders, it is crucial for organizations and their individuals to stay aligned on the right goals and tasks — even from a distance. Here, we will outline what it takes to monitor and measure employee performance, the right way.


Tracking employee performance can be difficult, especially in a remote workforce. @ClearCompany has outlined what it takes to track and measure employee performance the right way:

Use Goals to Track Performance

Goals can guide employees on where to spend their time, which projects deserve more energy, and can be a concrete example to prove their value to the company come time for performance reviews. If employees don’t know what’s expected of them, productivity and performance will suffer. Goals should be SMART, meaning they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Tying goals to specific, quantitative objectives makes clear what is required to achieve a satisfactory outcome, especially with remote teams.

Individual employee goals should be aligned with the greater goals of the organization. When an employee has a lack of concept or visibility into how his or her duties drive the bottom line of the company or touch the customer, they easily become disillusioned. Alignment involves taking into account the employee’s own professional goals and utilizing that insight to maximize both professional development and overall company growth.

Communicate Frequently

Regular check-ins are key to making sure employees have clear expectations and the opportunity to shed light on any roadblocks or challenges they might be facing. In a remote workforce, you lose the convenience of face-to-face interactions, so it’s even more important to touch base with your employees on their progress and overall well-being. As a best practice, managers should incorporate feedback into their regular communication so employees aren’t blindsided by constructive criticism or points of concern when it comes time for performance reviews.

Technology can make tracking and measuring employee performance more seamless and efficient. Learn more about the @ClearCompany tools that can help you do just that:

Use Reviews Wisely

Employee performance reviews can be a powerful tool for tracking and measuring employee performance, but without the right structure, they don’t provide much insight for either party. Performance review discussions should emphasize critical points and give clear directions on how the employee can or should improve. Feedback should tie back to individual and organizational goals. In the current workforce climate, organizations cannot rely on performance review strategies that only work well for in-office conversations. Organizations should be using video conferencing to conduct performance reviews, as well as planning more frequent reviews to ensure remote workers receive the face time they need.

How ClearCompany Makes Performance Management Better

When it comes to employee performance, visibility, and alignment can be difficult to achieve - especially within a remote workforce. Fortunately, there is technology to make performance management more seamless and efficient. The top advantage of performance management tools is their ability to bring all key data and performance into one organized location. A performance management system has the ability to ensure deadlines and goals aren’t missed and save time by eliminating manual processes and paperwork.

ClearCompany’s comprehensive platform makes employee performance easy to track and measure, including tools for:

  • Goal Cascading and Planning
  • Company-Wide Goal Sharing
  • Progress Updates and Check-Ins
  • Real-Time Manager Employee Feedback
  • Mobile-Friendly Performance Reviews
  • Powerful Analytics and Reporting

With ClearCompany, these tools are built into the flow of work and integrated with company communication channels for increased organizational visibility and transparency - even from a distance. If you’re looking to more efficiently track and measure employee performance, ClearCompany can help. Reach out to our experts today to learn more about how our software can help you achieve organizational alignment and growth.

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