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How to Keep Your Employees’ Goals High Yet Attainable

Managers walk a fine line when setting goals. High and aggressive goals have a high reward when achieved. When a team reaches a goal they’ve worked ...
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Transparency Policy: The Why & How of Building One that Works for Your Organization

“Transparency” seems to be the word of the day. In today’s world of corporate shenanigans and frustrating bureaucracy, there is a solid case to be made for transparency. Transparency policies at Buffer and Netflix have been much written about, as they are keeping their culture, and their salaries, out there for the world to see.
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Cleaning House? Here’s How C-Player EEs Can Help

Talent acquisition and talent management are all about the A-player. Sure we’ll take the B-Player, but when you really ask the hiring manager who they want on their team, nobody says “I’ll take an average employee, thank you very much.” Enter the C-player, a bit of a misnomer for executive America, since there are very few performers below the C-player; if we were using elementary school grading they’d probably get closer to a “D”. In the real world, drop below “C” and you’re pretty much fired.
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