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Onboarding Goal Planning & Alignment

Optimize Employee Onboarding by using Goal Alignment and the 4C's

November 5, 2013
3 min read
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Once you’ve made a great new hire, it’s time to get your new employee up and running in the organization. No matter how skilled or tenured, every employee can benefit from an excellent employee onboarding process in order to better understand their place in the company.

Every year, 25 percent of all Americans experience some form of career transition, according to work done by the Society of Human Resource Management. This means an effective employee onboarding process is essential to ensure new employees in new roles are brought up to speed and can begin contributing to your organization.

The upside for companies with effective onboarding methods make a significant impact, not just in employee morale, but also for a company’s bottom line. According to research from the Aberdeen Group, organizations with standardized onboarding procedures experience 54 percent greater new hire productivity.

Best of all, these same organizations experience 50 percent greater new hire retention. With the high cost of employee turnover, no one wants to go back to the hiring phase again after finding a great new worker. An onboarding process that allows new hires to immediately understand their contributions is the best way to give them a strong foundation they can build on for years to come.

So how do you improve your employee onboarding process and engage with your new hires from their first day on the job? Taking a goal-centric view of the four C’s of onboarding will allow your organization to align new employees with existing company objectives, ensuring everyone is on the right page from day one.

A Goal-Centric View Of: Compliance

The first box you check on your new hire checklist should involve getting your new employee up to speed with compliance matters. These are the brass tacks of the employee onboarding process. For instance, you'll want to go over company-wide policies and any legal issues a new hire should be aware of.

While it may not seem tied to company strategy, your compliance process is an essential step of the employee onboarding process and needs to be aligned with your overall goals. This means ensuring your new hires have all the tools they need at their disposal to understand policies. Don't just slide a guidebook at the new hire and call it a day. Have a meeting in which you discuss relevant policies and how these compliance matters will impact their daily work lives. Spending this time upfront will ensure they have the necessary foundation to hit the ground running as a high achiever.

A Goal-Centric View Of: Clarification

Clarification is essential, especially when it comes to goal alignment. Knowing how their efforts fit into the overall company objectives allows your new hires to understand exactly where they fit in the big picture. Your new employee needs to understand the role they'll be playing within the organization and what you'll expect them to contribute.

By using a goal alignment system, you can keep your new hires on track to success from their first day on the job. Being able to see how goals cascade throughout the entire organization allows for easier and more intuitive clarification, and eases the employee onboarding process for talented new employees.

A Goal-Centric View Of: Culture

You've probably spent quite a bit of time developing an attractive and enjoyable company culture. This culture might have actually attracted your new hire to the organization in the first place, and you probably considered cultural fit before filling your open positions. However, to maintain a positive company culture you need to ensure employees stay engaged and your organization avoids office politics as usual.

By focusing on goals and using a system that allows you to see what everyone is working on in your organization, you cut down on the amount of politicking in the workplace. Engaged employees are content employees, and when everyone understands their role and work is easily tracked back to the source, you curtail the toxic office politicking, which can impact even the best company culture.

A Goal-Centric View Of: Connection

A company is more than just a group of people performing certain functions. Successful organizations are teams that collaborate to accomplish common goals. To do this effectively, new hires must form connections to existing employees, from supervising managers to the coworkers they’ll be working alongside day-by-day.

Getting goal-centric during the employee onboarding process means your new hire understands how they fit into the organization and how the responsibilities of other employees connect to their own. This makes it easier for new hires to connect with other employees and makes future collaboration more seamless.

Before you put away your new hire checklist, you'll want to be sure your new superstar employee is up to date with the four C's of onboarding. Taking a goal-centric view of the onboarding process means getting employees up to speed faster, leading to better company culture fit, increased collaboration, and ultimately a more productive class of newbies.

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