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9 Self-Assessment Examples to Prove Your Worth

While clearly important, writing your professional self-assessment can be a struggle. Before you start copying from a template, you might want to ...
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Talent Success Toolkit Lesson 7: Learning & Development

Corporations have come to grasp the emphasis behind learning and development plans with the average shelf-life of a skill being five years, and the largest reason for employees to leave a position is lack of career development. The need is there, and we understand it, yet only 8% of CEOs say they see a business impact from learning and development plans and only 4% report a real ROI from the programs.
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8 Useful Tips for Implementing New Tech in Your Office

Workplace productivity has increased 84% during the past 40 years because of advancements in digital technology. Of course, the increased level of panic when a new tool is announced is probably a direct correlation to that advancement. If there’s one thing leaders can all agree on, it’s that introducing new processes is one of the most stressful and controversial parts of the job. While the products are eventually adopted, productivity and performance can suffer. These 8 tips will help employees afraid of change stay on track while you introduce new, time-saving tech.
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