Why Your Compensation Management is Failing to Attract and Retain

Compensation – it is so tightly connected with performance management, attraction and retention. Yet, all of these processes are incredibly disjointed. Ventana research revealed the top goals for compensation management among the companies they studied are to better align the workforce to strategy and goals while improving efficiency.

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7 Turnover Statistics You Can’t Unlearn (Number 5 is the Worst)

The following article was posted in September of 2014. It has since been updated as of February 2017 to reflect new stats and insights involving employee retention and turnover. Want more information? We have plenty to offer in these related articles:

In the ClearCompany blog we talk often about retention efforts like employee feedback, 360-performance management and effective communication tools and practices. We spend a lot of time on the topic of retention because we know our audience, and it happens that about 52% of you have likely prioritized attraction and retention as a major business issue.

In light of this growing and common business issue, we compiled several statistics that are meant to really drive home the importance of a great retention strategy. How is yours looking?

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Is Your Company Employee Obsessed?


Well, “employee-centric” might be a better way to say it, but that makes for a boring title. All companies will say that their most valuable asset is their talent, but you will rarely see that genuinely reflected in their culture. When an organization is truly obsessed with their employees, it shows. Schulein said that that they,
“…focus on  engaging with their own people first. Knowing what they are going through at home, learning what we can do to support them, because that’s exactly what we want them to do for the customer once the customer walks through the door. We believe that in order to be the best place to shop, you have to be the best place to work first.” - Mark Schulein, company leader at ACE Hardware.
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Building an Army of Engaged Employees

Let’s talk about what employee engagement actually is, because there seems to be some confusion about what a truly engaged employee might look like. The standard definition is:

“The emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” 

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Employee Referral Program Tips: Aligning Your Team For Success

You might be closer to your next great hire than you think. Recent studies have shown the employee referral is the No. 1 source of external hires.

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