3 Things Only the Best Applicant Tracking Systems Do

If you’re just now starting your quest for the best applicant tracking system out there, we feel for you. There are hundreds of applicant tracking systems out there, and many of them come short. Some of them don’t have basic features every ATS should have. Some are just software made by someone on the side and sold to small businesses that don’t know any better. So if you’re just now starting your journey, we have a few criteria you should always keep in mind when looking for an applicant tracking system.

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Applicant Tracking System

Improve the Hiring Cycle for a High Demand Industry

Remember the professors you had in college? Most of them were probably headed towards (if not already on) the tenure track. That’s not the case anymore; education has changed. More and more universities are hiring less tenure track employees and opting for part-time professors. Higher education is going through a transformative shift and so too, is the way universities and colleges are hiring. Colleges can have problems retaining top educators, which has resulted in the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics’ findings. Let’s dissect some industry-specific trends in hiring for educational professionals.

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