August 31, 2021

Data. It’s what drives business and guides decision-making. But, many organizations struggle to understand which metrics are most important for them to focus on when it comes to recruiting, engaging, and retaining A Players.

@ClearCompany is putting the focus on #HRMetrics and #data! When you focus on the metrics that matter most, you can elevate your talent strategy and better attract, engage, and retain top talent:

Whether you are looking for best practices and advice on how to hire more diversely or inclusively, or wondering how best to track and measure employee productivity in our ever-changing work environments, knowing how to collect and analyze your data is crucial. In our downloadable calendar, we give you a roadmap for 30 HR metrics to measure. Each day, we break down which metrics you should be focusing on and best practices for utilizing them to make organizational changes.


@ClearCompany says that tracking the right #HRMetrics and analyzing the right data elevates your #TalentStrategy. See how with their month of metrics guide!

At ClearCompany, we believe having access to real-time data is essential to keep your business operating smoothly and profitably. Informed leaders are able to adapt to changes and stay ahead of the latest trends in recruiting, employee development, and HR software solutions. When you rely on advanced analytics and timely data, you can quickly and effectively elevate your talent strategy. For a complete breakdown of which HR metrics you should be focusing on, check out our guide of HR Metrics That Matter.


Melanie Baravik
Melanie Baravik
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