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The Link Between Employer Branding and Employee Engagement

April 23, 2015
4 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


Employers have lots of concepts to juggle. Time-to-fill, return on investment, employer branding, turnover, engagement. Sometimes these concepts bleed together, and sifting through them for the right plan of action can be difficult. But while these concepts can be repeated so often they lose their meaning, when they all click, when those crucial links between ideas are made, they can make for better decision-making.

Making the Link

Take, for example, two of those concepts: employer branding and employee engagement. Employee engagement is the act of having employees appreciate their work and become more productive and active employees. Employer branding is how a company sells itself to potential candidates, the way that same company might sell its products. You might think these are mutually exclusive ideas; one has to do with how to attract people to your company, while the other has more to do with people whom you’ve already hired.

In reality, however, the two are closely tied to each other. Good employer branding attracts better candidates, which in turn leads to employees that are more apt to work for your company, and love working with you. This then leads to better employee engagement. In fact, 49% of companies look at employee engagement as a sign of good employer branding, which is higher than other signs, such as quality of hire (47%). Good employer branding eventually becomes good employee engagement, so an investment in one is a partial investment in the other.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-0149% of companies look at employee engagement as a sign of good employer branding.


Recognition For and From Employees

This link also works the other way around. If your employee engagement is working — that is, if your employees enjoy or are satisfied with working for you — then eventually, your employer brand will grow. Right now, only 54% of employees would recommend the company they work for to their friends as an employer, and overall, When your company makes employees want to bring on their friends, it’s a sign of good employer branding.

Only 54% of employees would recommend their company as an employer to their friends.CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01

But how do you increase your employee engagement, subsequently increasing your employer branding? One way many companies drive employee performance (often fueled by engagement) is through recognition. Recognition can be as simple as thanking an employee for a job well done or as involved as creating a rewards program that incentivizes employees to thank each other for good work. 50% of employees report that being appreciated at work has improved their relationships with their company, as well as management. And when you invest in your employees, you’re investing in your company. Not a hard link to make.

50% of employees report being appreciated at work has improved their relationship with the company.CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01

The Final Connection: Performance

Once you’ve connected two concepts together, it’s easier to link more and more of them, and eventually, you get a chain link that gets real results. Between employer branding and employee engagement, for example, you can fit in performance. Employee recognition can lead to employees feeling more appreciated at work and recommending your company to friends, but it also leads to better performance. There’s such an established link between recognition and performance that 60% of best-in-class organizations have stated employee recognition is valuable in driving performance on individual levels.

60% of best-in-class organizations state employee recognition is valuable in driving performance.CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01

To see the results of all these links, you of course have to track them. This means implementing performance management tools that let you see just how far your employee recognition strategies have taken you. Unfortunately, most companies (92% of them) don’t think their performance management process is worth the time they spend on it. Often, performance management is too complex, too difficult, and too burdensome to completely be worth it.

92% of companies don’t think their performance management process is worth the time they spend on it.CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01

This is where performance management software comes in. With the right information at their fingertips, companies should be able to track their performance management with ease, allowing them to worry not about how to get the data, but what to do with it. Once that link has been made, everything else — the employer engagement, the employer branding, and the performance increases — should follow.

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