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4 Reasons You Should Focus On Your Employer Branding

April 21, 2021
5 min read
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Your employer branding is a culmination of how you market your company to potential job seekers and how your employees review your company as a workplace. Crafting an employer branding strategy enables you to control the dialogue surrounding your company to ensure you portray a positive image. 

When an organization emphasizes the importance of managing their employer brand, they can help increase their talent acquisition and retention rates. As hiring demands increase, HR leaders need to be conscious of their online presence to source and attract the best candidates available. Check out these four reasons why you should be focusing on your employer brand in 2021.

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1. Brings In New Talent While Retaining Your Existing Ones

Long before a candidate ever clicks “apply,” they are likely doing a deep dive into the history and culture of your company. With everything easily accessible on the internet, candidates often rely on evaluating an organization based on their social profiles. Creating a strong employer brand online will help you reaffirm your company culture and showcase why employees should want to work for you. What’s more, investing in your employer brand goes beyond affecting your recruiting strategies —it also positively affects your ability to retain your current talent. Employees who are satisfied with their job and are proud of their workplace are more likely to stick around (and talk positively about their experience to others!) Bad news spreads more quickly than good news. Make sure the news your employees share about you reflects the best aspects of your workplace.

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2. Enhances Employee Engagement

Organizations that focus on creating a positive workplace experience and employer brand naturally curate more highly engaged employees. Employees today crave a sense of belonging and purpose in their role. When you create an environment that focuses on developing your employees’ skills, you can demonstrate how they play into your organization’s larger goals. This results in employees who are more committed to their responsibilities and are more deeply invested in the team’s success. With such a fierce fight for talent, employers need to focus on keeping their existing talent pool engaged and satisfied with their jobs.

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3. Showcases Your Workplace Culture and Diversity

Your employer brand is a window into the heart of your company. Each employer is unique, and you should appreciate and amplify the aspects that make you stand out from the crowd. Over the last year, diversity and inclusion were brought to the forefront for many organizations. Job seekers want to know that their potential employer is actively invested in nurturing a workplace that welcomes the backgrounds and skills of a wide range of individuals. Leverage your social media presence and digital footprint to celebrate your company’s initiatives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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50% of job seekers today look to employee reviews for insight on an open role. @ClearCompany knows the influence that #EmployerBranding has on your#recruiting efforts. Check out their advice for creating a strong online presence:

4. Encourage Your Existing Employees To Be Brand Ambassadors

Your existing employees are some of your best brand ambassadors. They understand the requirements of the job and know the culture of your organization better than anyone else. The experiences of your current employees impact your recruiting efforts far more than you might think. 50% of job seekers today look to employee reviews for insight on an open role. Your employee reviews offer a glance at what the atmosphere is actually like for those in your organization. Encourage your employees to share their favorite aspects of the job and provide honest commentary on what working at your company is like. Have current employees share industry news, new job postings, and company achievements. Ask employees for referrals for open job postings — after all, they understand what kind of candidate is needed to succeed! Each time a member of your team tweets or posts about your company’s positive aspects, your employer brand grows more visible.

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Your employer brand can make or break your recruiting strategies. As organizations begin to see signs of growth and hiring initiatives ramp back up, the fight for A Players will become more fierce than ever before. By managing your employer brand and creating a positive online presence, you can attract top talent and create a highly productive and engaged workforce.

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