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Recruiting & Sourcing Employee Experience

A Great Candidate Experience Cuts Costs and Increases Revenue

May 15, 2019
3 min read
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In a candidate-driven work environment, first experience that delights is everything. A whopping 78% of candidates note that their experience as an applicant is an indicator of how much the company values its employees. With such a strong statement, how can the ultimate hiring process be optional? The candidate experience is now a necessity for recruiting and hiring. Applicants use this slight glimpse into your company to compare and contrast different opportunities. The candidate experience may focus on the applicant, but did you know that their positive experience is just as important for your company?

The Impact on the Bottom Line

In many industries, candidates are also paying customers. A negative experience as an applicant can change their view your company. 60% of workers report a negative experience during the hiring process can change their minds about a company that they previously liked. Consider the impact on your bottom line in terms of revenue from customers and compare that to communicating with applicants.

In today’s candidate-driven work environment, an inviting experience is everything. See how your company can benefit from a positive #CandidateExperience in @ClearCompany’s latest blog:

The candidate experience can also impact the applicant's likelihood to accept or recommend a job. A positive candidate experience can change the mind of applicants, which includes accepting a job at a company or taking a position that they were once doubtful of after a positive process. Over two-thirds of employees (72%) are likely to refer a friend if they have a positive onboarding experience. A negative experience can spread like wildfire. Of the candidates that have a less than positive experience during the hiring process, 72% will share their experience online. This negative word of mouth, whether online or just to friends, can deter others from applying to the company. People are going to talk, so it’s best to strive for starting off on the right foot with an engaging candidate experience. Create a candidate experience your applicants will enjoy so that they will pass on positive statements about your company’s hiring process.

A Positive Experience Can Save Time

Candidates decide whether or not they will accept a job offer based on the application and interview process. Ensure your applicants will accept the position if offered by creating a simple yet engaging recruiting process.

One common misconception is that candidates don’t want to hear if they didn’t receive the job. If the candidate is not the right fit for the position, simply let them know. Nearly two-thirds of candidates (65%) are not followed-up with post interview. As you can imagine, this can be very frustrating to applicants. For that reason, 80% of the workforce notes that they would not reapply at a company that did not inform them of their status. A simple “thank you for applying, but we are going a different direction” email can make your company stand out above the rest. If you’re able to include constructive criticism within that email, it can do wonders. Candidates that receive some type of feedback after an interview are four times more likely to apply for future relevant jobs. Take your candidate experience to the next level by following up with all of your applicants.

This #candidate experience may focus on the applicant, but did you know that their positive experience is just as important for the company? See what @ClearCompany has to say here:

An inactive talent pool that would be willing to consider your company in the future is a huge asset. With pre-vetted candidates having at least some knowledge of your application and interview processes easily accessible, you are able to reach out to candidates when the right job for the right person presents itself. In fact, 70% of the job force is made up of passive talent.

A wonderful candidate experience is no longer optional - it is a must-have for your recruiting and hiring process. Creating a top-notch experience won’t just benefit your candidates, it will benefit your company.

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