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What is the Best Employee Onboarding Software for 2022?

November 23, 2021
6 min read
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Onboarding has been a hot topic as employers compete to recruit, retain, and engage top talent, and there’s no sign that will change in 2022. Onboarding is the process that seamlessly transitions workers from a stellar candidate experience to an outstanding employee experience. It has a huge impact on the business, too. According to Forbes, a structured onboarding process can increase retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

An employee onboarding plan is even more essential considering how many teams are working remotely or in a hybrid environment. Luckily, HR technology like employee onboarding software can help you design an engaging experience to support your new hires — even those that are remote. But how do you know which onboarding software is best for your organization?

The best employee onboarding software solution for you is one that meets your onboarding needs today and as your business grows. It should offer a range of tools that quickly streamline your onboarding process and tailored features to accommodate changing strategies. And — arguably most importantly — first-class onboarding software should enable you to measure onboarding program success.

A structured onboarding process can increase retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

What Makes A Great Onboarding Plan?

Before you implement onboarding software, understanding what makes a great onboarding experience is key. During onboarding, employees complete administrative tasks. They fill out paperwork, get their work equipment set up, meet their team, and begin training for their new role. They learn more about the company and its products, review policies and procedures, and learn their responsibilities.

An ideal onboarding plan begins on or before day one and continues for the first few months of employment. A longer, more structured onboarding plan has been shown to increase retention and employee engagement levels. According to SHRM, employees are 70% more likely to be with a company after three years if they had an effective onboarding experience. Excellent onboarding also means employees are 2.6 times more likely to say they’re extremely satisfied with their work.

Did you know that employees are 70% more likely to be with a company after three years if they had a good #onboarding experience? Find out how employee #OnboardingSoftware can help you create a retention-boosting onboarding plan:

Great onboarding encourages employee engagement by getting new hires excited about the company’s mission, vision, and values. It helps them connect to company culture and see where they fit in in the “big picture.” It also helps them see the relationship between their goals and company goals. The best onboarding plans make time for new employees to connect with their managers and colleagues to develop respect, trust, and a sense of belonging.

You can’t automate workplace relationships or connections to company culture. But, the best onboarding software solution can simplify many tasks for your HR team. Take a big step toward improving onboarding by implementing a robust software solution to automate or speed up tasks. Background checks or reminders for new hires to complete their paperwork can be sent automatically. That allows HR to focus on those intangible onboarding tasks of building relationships and a sense of belonging.

Now you know what a successful new hire onboarding includes. Now, consider which software features will have the most impact on your HR processes.

Paperless, Automated Onboarding

The hiring process always involves signing lots of paperwork and submitting various documents. It also usually involves HR team members sending several emails reminding new hires to complete administrative tasks in a timely manner. That’s a tedious, repetitive task that takes up hours of HR professionals’ time and can lead to some new hires falling through the cracks.

With employee onboarding software, HR teams no longer need to remember which new hires still need to sign paperwork or submit a document. The best onboarding software sends automatic reminders about incomplete tasks and allows new employees to sign paperwork digitally. They can complete those required tasks much more efficiently and HR is relieved of some monotonous work.

Easy-Access New Hire Portal

One way to ensure your new hires can complete their paperwork quickly is with a branded new hire portal. The most capable onboarding software offers an employee portal that’s also accessible from a mobile device. From the portal, they can locate helpful information like company policies and benefits and an employee directory.

New hire portals also give them access to company culture resources, team contact information, and more insight into their role and responsibilities. If possible, send login credentials ahead of time so employees can get logged in and begin onboarding tasks.

Intuitive User Interface

Onboarding software that is more trouble than it’s worth simply won’t be used. Don’t waste your time or resources on software that is hard to navigate or bogged down with ineffective features. Your solution should be easy to use both for new employees and HR teams. The best onboarding software providers also offer outstanding client support to ensure users get the most value possible from their products. 

A great #onboarding process makes a big impact on retention, engagement, and employee performance — and onboarding software can help you create it. Here’s what features to look for in #OnboardingSoftware to find the best solution for your company:

Integrations With Payroll & HRIS Providers

Truly capable onboarding software easily integrates with your existing payroll provider and HRIS system. You can be sure that information will transfer smoothly between systems for accurate, consistent records when onboarding new hires. Onboarding software that works together with the software you’re already using simplifies many tasks for new employees and HR:

  • Background checks
  • Payroll enrollment
  • Employee training courses

Device And Equipment Management

Device and equipment management is one onboarding feature that may seem optional at first. But, it’s actually a necessity, especially in remote or hybrid work environments. Centralized device and equipment management makes assigning and tracking physical assets a breeze.

Ensure new hires have the supplies they need so they can get started without a hitch. We recommend sending supplies to remote employees prior to their first day or issuing supplies for in-office employees at the start of their first day for a top-notch employee onboarding process.

Add Structure With New Hire Goals And Check-ins

We’ve talked about how setting goals has many benefits for employees and businesses — it’s motivating and increases engagement, which has a positive impact on retention. It’s clear to see why setting new hire goals makes both onboarding and performance management more effective. The best onboarding software enables managers to set and track performance goals so new employees can hit the ground running and get accustomed to your company’s processes.

Onboarding software also allows HR and managers to set dates for 30-, 60-, and 90-day check-ins to ensure new hires are on the right track. With a structured onboarding process that includes goal-setting and regular reviews, new employees can ease into their roles with confidence.

Set 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals for new hires to start them off strong and help them ease into their roles with confidence.

Track Onboarding Functions And Effectiveness

After you’ve made the switch to employee onboarding software, you can support the new processes by showcasing their effectiveness. The best onboarding software will have informative dashboards showing useful new hire data. It will also have reporting capabilities so you can demonstrate its impact on hiring.

Here is just some of the information you can access with onboarding software that proves the effectiveness of digital onboarding tools:

  • Number of new employees hired and onboarded (as compared to new hire volume before software implementation)
  • Complete, incomplete, overdue, and upcoming new hire tasks 
  • Comprehensive performance data from the beginning of an employee’s tenure to offboarding
  • Assets reports illustrating cost savings associated with fewer unnecessary replacements or lost items
  • Compare retention rates before and after launching onboarding software
  • Stay on track with headcount objectives

Onboarding software is a powerful way to set your employees up to be highly effective and successful in their roles. Not only is there documented proof of the myriad benefits of an excellent onboarding process, but you can also see that for yourself when you start using the software. Improve onboarding and feel the positive effects on engagement, retention, and performance throughout your organization.

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