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Talent Management

Transforming Your Talent Process: 7 Must Have Downloads

October 17, 2016
6 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


We write a lot about transforming your talent into A-Players, but that takes more than technology; it takes a commitment to doing the work day in and day out. To help you be the best talent management professional you can be, we’ve created a giant resource pack you can download and take with you.

While printables, guides, checklists and more might seem to undermine our commitment to going paperless, sometimes you just need to map things out. In fact, using handwriting to remember important information can help you retain that info even longer.

From Lifehack:

  1. Write it down again and again. Repetition of the process will reinforce your learning.
  2. Increase your memory by as much as 70% when you go through your notes within 24 hours.
  3. If you are a morning person, aim to refresh difficult material early on, as your brain is less tired.
  4. Reading and re-reading material is likely to result in a disappointing 20% retention.
  5. Use mind maps if they help you to remember facts. This is an excellent way of visualizing how various bits of information fit into a concept/plan. They are also more fun to create than simple notes.

Our mega bundle of printable templates, guides, worksheets and checklists can help recharge your talent acquisition process or talent management process fast and help take your sourcing, recruiting and performance management from good to great. Real guides written by real HR professionals are just the thing you need to start planning for 2017. Grab them all in one huge download and refer back when you need to, or take just one at a time to tackle specific problems you encounter every day.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png  Need a resource to recharge your talent acquisition/management processes? There's a place for that:


Sourcing Hacks Primer

Not a sourcer? No problem! We have sourcing hacks that work for HR professionals who don’t spend all their time recruiting and sourcing. Corporate recruiters don’t always have time to get down and dirty with candidate research, but we’ve got you covered with 5 Sourcing Hacks for Corporate Recruiters.

Strategy for Great Hires

We all want to hire A-Players, but that can be easier said than done. One way it won’t happen is if you have no plan. So we’ve built one for you. Hiring A-Players is a lot easier when you have a strategy in place and everyone sticks to it. Grab your executive team, your fellow recruitment team around and check out this strategy guide for Building an A-Player Hiring Strategy.

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.pngHiring "A Players" is a lot easier when you have a strategy in place. Here's the strategy:


Get that Buy-In

You know what’s not easy? Tracking your applicants in Excel. But many of our colleagues are doing it. In fact, you may be stuck in Excel...purgatory. If you are, you’ll need this worksheet that gives you a 6 Step Process to Get Exec Buy-in for an Applicant Tracking System.


Stop finding out until WAY too late in the interviewing process that your resume perfect candidate is all wrong in person. Grab this handy checklist that explains how you can transform (I know, we use that word a lot but it’s valid here!) your interviewing process from arduous and incomplete, to considerate and efficient with video. Grab your Interviewing Checklist.

7 Days to Onboarding Success 

You can make your employees’ first days amazing or you can leave them to wonder where the bathroom is. In order to successfully onboard new team members you need a plan. Whether it’s 90 days, or like ours, a one-week plan, you want to have your plan in place before that new hire walks through the door. Supercharge Your Onboarding Process in One Workweek.

Unmet Goals = Unrealized Potential

Is your company great at setting goals and far less effective at meeting them? It’s likely because you don’t have the right strategy in place. We’ve boiled goal-setting down to a science (no really, check out our software) and have distilled some of the key factors into this easy worksheet. If you have employees who are not meeting goals, try this. Unmet or Neglected Goals? Put Them Through This Process.

Back to the Future

The CHRO Future, that is. Chances are, you wish you knew what your executive suite was thinking and how they are planning for the next year. Great news! We’ve got just the resource for you. We’ve broken down the CHRO Performance Management plan into a timeline, so you know when to approach him or her, with your requests, ideas and more. The CHRO’s Favorite Timeline for Changing Performance Management.

Don’t forget that every download here is based on our award-winning software. Talent Management Software that is SO good, we have a 97% retention rate. Because ClearCompany focuses on each piece of the Talent Acquisition and Talent Management lifecycle, we’re able to improve performance and goals across the enterprise. It all starts with you!

CC-Click-ToTweetBird-01.png This talent management software is SO good, it has a 99% retention rate:


If these guides and resources help you source, recruit, manage and plan better for your HR needs in 2017, then you should give ClearCompany a try. We’re powered by something we call TOS, our Talent Operating System. At the core of everything we do, is a system that links it all together and that gives you access to hundreds of articles, guides and a library of knowledge, right inside the software. Need a hand writing a job advertisement? We’ve got that. Want a refresher on a classic 9-Box goal matrix? That’s built in. The best part is the Talent Library and Talent Operating System both come absolutely free with any ClearCompany module. Whether you want to use our comprehensive Applicant Tracking System or our Performance Management and Onboarding modules, you’ll get TOS absolutely free.

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