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3 Reasons Why Your Franchise Needs A Centralized Hiring Process

April 15, 2021
5 min read
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Your people have always been your greatest asset. The employees you hire are the ones interacting with your customers, providing services for individuals, and representing your brand. You need to be sure you are sourcing and hiring the right candidate for the right role.

In the franchise space, hiring is a continuous operation. Often, employers feel pressure to fill a role quickly, leading to a poor hire that doesn’t align with your team’s culture. This quick hiring practice not only hurts productivity but also costs you more than you may think. To ensure you are sourcing and hiring the strongest candidates, you need to create a clear hiring process that is repeatable and produces high-quality results. Below we discuss the three most significant advantages of building out your franchise hiring process before recruiting candidates.

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Saves You Money

Most organizations struggle with turnover. The costs associated with hiring for a new position are often much higher than what it seems. Recent studies have found that the true cost of replacing an employee is up to 2x the cost of their annual salary. In a franchise situation, recruiting and hiring are consistent operations. So, finding ways to streamline and centralize your hiring process is essential to reducing costs.

When franchises and organizations rush their hiring process and employ a bad fit, they put themselves at financial risk. On average, organizations lose upwards of $14,900 on a poor hire that leaves within the first year. On top of this, a poor hire hurts your bottom line and reduces overall productivity. Rather than spending your day managing under-performing employees, your day can be better spent crafting a hiring process that generates a strong pool of applicants.

Tip: Use personality assessments and pre-employment screening tests to ensure your potential hire would be a good fit for the role.

Reduces Time To Hire

Franchises are nearly constantly recruiting and hiring for open positions. So, having a lengthy hiring pipeline that extends the time to hire can hurt your operations. Hiring managers need to have an effective and efficient strategy for recruiting individuals and nurturing them down the pipeline quickly.

In a fast-paced environment that demands high levels of hiring, creating and maintaining this process can become time-consuming and all-encompassing. That’s why it is essential to build out your hiring pipeline in full before you start recruiting new employees. Having a robust and repeatable process will help you reduce the time it takes to hire A Players and engage top talent.

Most organizations struggle with turnover. @ClearCompany says you can reduce the likelihood of turnover happening within your organization by creating a centralized #HiringProcess. See how:

One way recruiters can reduce their workload while also reducing the time to hire is by embracing a recruiting software solution. HR tech tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems help recruiters pre-screen candidates and maintain consistent communication, creating an enjoyable candidate experience that produces high-quality results. Recruiters can utilize the extra time in their days by strategically connecting with and interviewing top candidates.

Bonus Material: Already have a hiring plan in place? That’s a great place to start! Check out our advice for evaluating and fine-tuning your existing hiring process.

Aligns Your Hiring Goals & Your Organizational Goals

Troubles arise when you hire without a strategy. Your organization was built with a set of values and goals in mind, and the employees you hire should reaffirm that mission. But, when you are unclear about how your hiring goals and your organizational objectives align, you risk hiring candidates that fall outside your preferred persona.

The people you hire not only need to help progress your franchise’s operations, but they also need to align with your workplace’s culture and atmosphere. When employees feel disconnected from their company’s culture, they are often more disengaged and less productive. By taking the time to dictate the kind of candidate you are looking to hire and how they will play into organizational goals, you can fine-tune your sourcing strategy.

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When it comes to franchise hiring, your candidates will only be as strong as the process you’ve set in place to source them. Organizations that aim to reduce costs associated with hiring should first evaluate their hiring practices and see whether they align with their corporate strategy. By creating a robust, repeatable hiring process, franchises can source higher-quality candidates, reduce potential new hire turnover, and ensure their new hires fit within your organization’s strategy and culture.

At ClearCompany, we believe that recruiters should spend less time sorting through resumes and spend more time connecting with candidates. Our award-winning Applicant Tracking System helps accomplish just that. With features like keyword tracking and pre-screening options, recruiters can automate some of the most tedious tasks, giving them more time to act strategically in their role. For more information about how you can rejuvenate your hiring process, reach out to our team of experts and sign up for your free demo now.

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