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Quiz: Can You Spot the Latest Trends in Performance Management?

July 16, 2018
4 min read
Group 1-1

Performance Management, Supercharged


Performance management remains a challenge for many organizations as the people, processes and technologies within the workplace evolve. Many of the trends we see in performance management align with larger patterns in the workforce ecosystem. Are you up to date with the latest trends? Try your hand to see if you are a performance management rockstar:

What does effective performance management look like in 2018? Take the quiz below to find out!

Test your performance #management knowledge with this quiz from @ClearCompany:

1. Respondents who say their companies’ performance management systems have a positive impact on both employee and business performance are much more likely than others to report:

  1. Increased profits
  2. Longer tenure of employees
  3. Lower attrition rates
  4. Better business outcomes

2. About 83% of survey respondents said they have seen the quality of conversations between _________________ go up as a result of process modifications.

  1. Employees and managers
  2. Departments
  3. Executives and management teams
  4. Coworkers
  • Note: The redesign of performance management is picking up speed: 79% of executives rate it a high priority, with 38% calling the problem “very important.”

3. Of employees who report effective performance management, 62% say their companies revisit goals __________________ or on an ad hoc basis.

  1. Quarterly
  2. Biannually
  3. Monthly
  4. At least 3 times per year

4. _____ of organizations surveyed are using contingent labor, and many are expected to increase their use of contingent labor over the next year.

  1. 73%
  2. 90%
  3. 64%
  4. 86%
  • Note: Almost three-quarters of organizations say their contingent workforce is effective or very effective.

5. After transitioning to agile performance management, Adobe saw a 30% drop in _______________.

  1. Employees on a performance improvement plan
  2. Absenteeism
  3. Voluntary turnover
  4. Employee errors

6. The three most cited changes companies are making to performance management are: simplifying ratings, streamlining the formal review process and _________________.

  1. Changing the goal setting process
  2. Launching mobile technologies to support a performance management system
  3. Separating conversations about performance and compensation
  4. Removing forced rankings of employees against one another
  • Note: Other changes companies reported making were increasing the frequency of coaching and/or development conversations, resetting manager expectations on coaching/development conversations and removing rankings.  

7. 59% of employees rate their organizations as ____________________________ at empowering people to manage their own careers.

  1. Not effective or only somewhat effective
  2. Very effective
  3. Moderately effective
  4. Moderately effective to effective

8. 46% of respondents whose companies ______________________ said their companies had effective performance management systems compared with 16% of respondents whose companies did not.

  1. Completed 360-degree feedback
  2. Designed continuous performance management practices
  3. Separated performance and compensation conversations
  4. Linked goals to business priorities

9. 70% of respondents believe workers will spend more time on collaboration platforms in the future, 67% see growth in “work-based social media,” and 62 percent predict an increase in _________________.

  1. Telecommuting
  2. Face-to-face contact
  3. Instant messaging
  4. Job-sharing

10. Employees who say ongoing performance discussions take place are ___ times more likely to rate performance management at their companies as effective.

  1. 10
  2. 5
  3. 3
  4. 15
  • Note: They are nearly twice as likely to say their companies have outperformed competitors!


All finished!


Calculate Your Score!

Assign one point for every right answer to determine your performance management acumen!

  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. C
  10. A


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