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Performance Management

50+ Tips to Implement Modern Performance Management Fast

June 18, 2018
5 min read
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Performance Management, Supercharged


What is performance management and why is it important? Getting managers and employees on the same page with expectations, goals and progress all while keeping the vision of your company in mind sounds like a big task. This is why having a performance management strategy is important. Check out these articles and expert tips to help kickstart your implementation of modern project management.  

#PerformanceManagement is crucial in today’s low unemployment world. @ClearCompany has tips on how to change your B players into A players:

4 Pillars of a Successful Performance Management Plan

By Jason Burke via ClearCompany Blog

Leading a team can be a daunting task with numerous steps involved. Knowing where to start and what steps to follow can make this task a breeze. Use these four pillars and learn to master performance management.

61% of employees don’t know their company’s mission statement. If employees aren’t aware of the company’s direction, it’s difficult for them to see how their contributions matter to the organization, thus affecting their engagement in their work.”

6 Strategies for Effective Performance Management

By Sara Pollock via HR Daily Advisor

Effective performance management is more than just creating a work environment that works, it’s about leadership, interpersonal relationships, constructive feedback and teamwork. Understanding what falls under the performance management category will help you implement these six performance management strategies. 

“Performance management software can really streamline your performance management strategies, making it imperative that you either begin using one or at least begin looking to upgrade.”

5 Management Mistakes Hindering Employee Performance

By Sara Pollock via ClearCompany Blog

What if your employee isn’t meeting their full potential because of your management mistakes? Focusing on your employees’ engagement may solve some performance issues. Here are five mistakes managers are making and what you can do to avoid them.

“If you’re making these mistakes, it might mean your team isn’t performing to their full potential.”

7 Steps In Project Management To Make Sure Everyone's Learning The Necessary Lessons

By Karlene Agard via Forbes

Making the most of your time in workshops or in the office can result in multiple new lessons learned. 

“To effectively run a workshop on your project, it helps to have an understanding of who’s in the room, what their personal drivers are and their experience on the project and broader background.”

4 Tips On Managing Low Performers: When Enough is Enough

By Sara Pollock via ClearCompany Blog

Adapting performance management processes to accommodate for today’s low unemployment rate is crucial. Use these tips to change your B players into A players and keep them in the game. 

“Deciding when to let someone go isn’t easy, especially if all the options haven’t been weighed and today’s growing skills gap puts every decision a manager makes under the microscope.”

Employees March to Many Different Drums. Here Are 3 Ways to Manage All of Them.

By Andre Lavoie via Entrepreneur

All employees operate a bit differently, therefore they engage with the company in different styles. Performance management is affected by employee engagement. Use these three ways to manage them all and gauge their dedication.

“In fact, a recent Gallup report discovered that the behavior of managers directly accounts for at least 70 percent of variance in employee-engagement scores.”

Performance Management Fixes: 4 Things You're Missing

By Afton Funk via ClearCompany Blog

Seeing how work aligns with the overall business strategy is important to employees. Performance management can be improved by increasing organizational transparency. 

“As a business leader, you understand the strategic value of transparency. Without a clear line of sight into the workflow of your employees, and a performance management system that tracks it, goals easily become misaligned.”

Ten Tips For Your Best Performance Review Ever

By Liz Ryan via Forbes

From preparation to feedback, performance reviews cover it all. This is the time for employees and managers to discuss all the highs and lows since the last review. Use these ten tips to make the most out of this check in.

“Do not assume that your manager remembers your job description or your priorities.” 

13 Performance Review Questions to Ask Your Employees

By Sylvie Woolf via ClearCompany Blog

Questions to solicit feedback and questions to gauge and establish alignment are important to ask in a performance review. Having an open, two-way dialogue provides collaboration between an employer and employee. Read these 13 questions before your next review.

“The top 3 emotions associated with inaccurate reviews are frustration, anxiety and boredom. People also commonly find them to be demeaning, and a poor indicator of performance.”

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