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3 Effective Onboarding Strategies for HR

February 18, 2021
4 min read

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The influence that your onboarding experience has on employee retention is not something to ignore. In fact, 33% of employees stated they would leave a newly accepted position if the onboarding process was not a positive experience. Finding ways to attract and retain A-players is essential in maintaining your competitive advantage in today’s employment landscape. So, embracing effective onboarding strategies can make the difference between a loyal and engaged workforce and one that is disconnected from their team and goals.

We’ve got three effective onboarding strategies you can implement to help you reach your recruiting, onboarding, and retention goals.

@ClearCompany breaks down 3 #effective #onboarding strategies you should be implementing:

1. Ditch The Paper Trail

This past year saw an unprecedented push towards remote work, showcasing how useful modern technology can be for connecting individuals across vast distances. With video conferencing platforms and project management sites, leaders can ensure their employees are adequately supported in their roles. As organizations embraced digital workspaces, the reliance on paper documents declined. The same trend of ditching paper trails for digital methods will be equally beneficial for your onboarding strategies.

In today’s workplace, an effective and enjoyable onboarding process is one that welcomes opportunities for scalability and ease of use. With traditional onboarding methods, new hires and HR professionals can quickly become overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork, leading to a poor onboarding experience and significantly increasing the risk of higher turnover. By removing the paper aspect and instead utilizing digital documents, your organization can speed up the legal process while still ensuring compliance.

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2. Go Mobile-Friendly

It is no secret that the average human spends a significant amount of time on their phone in today’s culture. Whether they are scrolling through social media, answering emails, or using search engines, people always have their phones nearby. It may make sense, then, for recruiters to find and capitalize on opportunities for creating a mobile-friendly onboarding experience. With ClearCompany, HR professionals can create a visually appealing and branded onboarding solution that provides new hires with what they need for their first day and beyond, all at the tip of their fingers.

Having the freedom to watch new hire videos and complete essential paperwork from any device will reinforce your candidate’s positive onboarding experience. With ClearCompany’s easily accessible and user-friendly software, new hires can quickly complete essential tasks even before they begin their first day. Make it a goal to create an onboarding process that is intuitive, simple, and enjoyable from beginning to end.

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With the support of modern technology, #recruiters can create an enjoyable digital #onboarding experience for their new hires. @ClearCompany illustrates how with these 3 strategies:

3. Automate Tedious Tasks

Automation continues to gain traction within the business sphere. With advanced technological capabilities, HR professionals are utilizing tools to help gain back time in their days. Recruiting and hiring managers spend much of their day sourcing candidates, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and preparing new hire paperwork. These tedious and time-consuming tasks can quickly fill their workday, leaving them with less time to act in a strategic role. However, with a digital onboarding solution, HR leaders can automate some of their processes, leaving more room to act as a tactical asset to your team.

Using ClearCompany’s digital onboarding software, HR professionals can automate parts of their onboarding experience, such as filling out and filing paperwork, completing training videos, and more. Users can set deadlines for activities, schedule meetings and reviews, and track goal progress in real time, leading to enhanced analytics and insights into the new hire experience.

Additionally, organizations can benefit from adopting a digital onboarding strategy that integrates with their existing software. A successful company has technology that communicates and works together, creating a seamless experience supporting candidates, employees, and the employer from end to end.

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Over the last year, workplace professionals were shown how important it is to have easy access to data so that decisions and changes can be made quickly. To arm yourself with the best data and create the most resilient process, HR leaders need to incorporate technology into their onboarding strategy. With a digital and effective onboarding strategy, organizations see the benefits of a more enjoyable onboarding experience, ensured compliance, and streamlined processes.

Are you interested in learning more about effective onboarding strategies? ClearCompany is here to help. Our team of experts is standing by, ready to demonstrate how our paperless onboarding software can help you reduce turnover and foster a culture of new hires who are excited and prepared for their first day.

To learn more, reach out to one of our team members or sign up for your free demo.


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