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In 2019, Digitalization is the Key to Employee Satisfaction, Engagement and Retention

January 25, 2019
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A workplace that lacks digital savviness is one that lacks the tools necessary to not only accomplish work efficiently, but also attract top candidates in a modern digital age. Think of the feeling a new employee would have walking into work their first day only to find out the company operates with tools and workspaces from the early 90s. You might not see them back on day two. Technology plays as equal of a crucial role in our personal lives as it does in our work lives. In an era where the workplace has become hyper-modernized, competitiveness depends on your workplace’s ability to manage the change in your industry. Especially for businesses with larger and more widespread workforces, rapid innovation is necessary to keep all employees fully informed and productive.

Employees’ #JobSatisfaction increases when workers are able to use mobile apps to further their careers @ClearCompany.

The role digitalization plays within the realm of employee satisfaction, retention and engagement has increased over time and is becoming more crucial as technology advances.

Employee retention through state-of-the-art technology

According to a study by Randstad, job satisfaction increases when workers are able to use mobile communication apps, like Slack or Bitrix24 to further their careers, but only half of employers are doing a good job at providing digital tools. The same study reported that workers rate technology above basic physical needs such as clean restrooms, heating, air conditioning and an office chair. When asked to rate these by importance, having a nice laptop came in at 75% whereas a clean bathroom (24%), was at the bottom in the hierarchy of importance.

Employee satisfaction through digital training

45% of respondents said that their employers encourage skill development while only a third agree their employers offered ample opportunities to learn digital skills with training or on-the-job learning. In a candidate’s market, these skills are not only important for your workplace, but employee satisfaction is linked directly to learning and development, In fact, 70% of survey respondents indicated that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their decision to stay at their job. Offering this type of professional development will help decrease turnover. According to an IBM study, most businesses lose 40% of their staff because of job dissatisfaction.

Employee engagement through a personalized experience

Gallup reported that only 15% of employees worldwide are involved in their work, leaving about 85% on the table who aren’t invested emotionally in the way they spend their time day in and day out. The loss of productivity and money involved with every hire has an enormous effect on how a company operates. Keeping employees engaged is one of the most crucial tasks within any organization.

Keeping employees #engaged is one of the most crucial tasks within any organization. Learn more in @ClearCompany’s latest blog:

Using digital transformation is one way of giving employees the tools and training they need in order to be successful with the end result of keeping them more engaged at work. Providing employees with a personalized experience has become the cornerstone of engagement and long-term retention.

Most aren’t ready for digitalization

While companies are using digitalization to build a better workforce, most aren’t ready. Gartner recently published numbers on how prepared companies are for a digital workplace with reached the conclusion that only 20% employers in the most highly-skilled economies are ready to adopt digital workplaces and use tools like virtual collaboration and mobile apps.

The goal of being a digital-savvy workplace is to allow a more flexible and agile way of conducting everyday business, whether it’s through enterprise social networks, cloud-file sharing or mobile apps. Understanding its importance is the first step in a series of changes companies have to make in order to support the growth of its employees and the business overall. What has your company done to improve the employee lifecycle through digitalization?

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