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10 Must-Read Employee Experience Articles for HR Pros

August 20, 2018
5 min read
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We’ve carefully curated this list to include unique articles covering the different facets of employee experience; including, why employers are investing in it, what it truly is, how to build the strategy, questions to ask, how to measure and so much more! In addition, we’ve provided a bonus offer at the end for a comprehensive employee experience whitepaper covering the entire employee lifecycle so you can ensure employee experience is accounted for from day one until an employee leaves!

Report: Companies Plan to Upgrade ‘Employee Experience’ - Andrew R. McIlvaine, HR Executive

51% of employers plan to boost their spending on on-site benefits and “innovative technologies” this year to provide a better employee experience, according to the 2018 Talent Trends Report in this article! We recommend taking a look at the additional findings in this piece to get caught up on the demand for employee experience this year as well as what else employers plan to invest in...

This top 10 list is full of unique best practices, key findings and expert advice to build the best #EmployeeExperience possible!

How Focusing on Employee Experience is the Key to Engagement - Sara Pollock, ClearCompany

Read this introductory article to understand what employee experience is, why it’s important and the basic elements that make up employee experience. Along with that, we’ve provided a list of suggested questions to ask of your employee experience to get thinking about how it can be improved. Employee experience starts on day one and should be taken into consideration until the employee leaves. Read up on the basic reasoning to incorporate an employee experience strategy…

The Un-Ignorable Link Between Employee Experience and Customer Experience - Blake Morgan, CMO Network on Forbes

An infographic full of employee experience statistics and facts plus expert advice on employee experience from companies like the Marriott, Zappos, Starbucks, AirBNB, Adobe and more. Make this one article you don’t want to overlook! Get inspired to tackle employee experience...


5 Steps to Kick-start Your Employee Experience Strategy - Diann Daniel, Tech Target

A great employee experience strategy address culture, workspace and technology. Diann covers the essentials through her interview with Paul Davies, Employee Experience Leader at General Electric. See what the industry leaders have to say about designing a truly better employee experience…

The 90 Day Breakdown of Successful Employee Onboarding - Sara Pollock, ClearCompany

You’ve probably heard over and over again that employee experience starts day one. This is why building a successful onboarding process is crucial within the first 90 days. We’ve broken down the first three months of the employee experience and provided actionable tips to help new hires feel welcome, collaborate and gain independence in their role! You don’t want to miss this insightful piece full of steps and actions you can start implementing for improving onboarding today...

We found the absolute best articles, webinars, infographics and interviews by employee experience leaders that no #HR manager should miss!

4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Employees - The Muse on Forbes

This article doesn’t directly address employee experience but provides four direct questions every manager should ask to gauge employee experience. One of the most shocking questions included is “What don’t you like about my management style?” which can be a hard question to ask for some managers. The Muse has great advice on how to do it best...

Measuring Employee Experience: How the pulse survey is an indicator of company health - Mason Stevenson, HR Exchange Network

This article is fascinating in how it covers pulse surveys, what they are, how they can be used and the general best practices. Pulse surveys are often conducted in regular or periodic intervals and can be used to consistently measure employee experience health in the organization. Take a look at how pulse surveys are deployed...


Is Your Company Employee Obsessed? - Sylvie Woolf, ClearCompany

And by employee obsessed, we mean employee-centric! While it’s easy for all companies to seek a better employee experience, it has to cover the factors outlined in this article. We think these points should be the foundations or mission of your employee experience strategy, so we recommend checking in to make sure what you’ve built is reaching this every time. In the words of Sylvie, “It’s time to get obsessed with your employees, or be employee-centric, whichever you prefer. Whether you’re looking for feedback, a way to empower your workforce or establish their value in a transparent way, we can help.” See for yourself...


Your Questions About Employee Experience, Answered - Jason Lauritsen, Keynote Speaker, Author & Consultant

Get the answers to the to the most-asked employee experience questions like, “How can you create an employee experience that meets the needs and expectations of so many different people?” and “How do I get leadership and management to care about employee satisfaction and engagement?” Plus there’s a great webinar in here hosted by Jason himself on this very topic...


A Guide to Building Your Employee Experience to Improve Performance - ClearCompany

What link does employee experience and performance have? The better the employee’s experience, the better their performance. See what factors drive employee experience and how you create the best one for your employees!

Take a look at our latest guide on Employee Experience: The Missing Link to Performance Management to learn how you can improve:

  • The physical work environment (workspace, office design, amenities, etc.)
  • The tools and technology employers provide (computers, HRIS, educational tools, templates, etc.)
  • The employer’s commitment to their employees’ health and success (career development, employer feedback, benefits packages, perks, etc.)

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