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Applicant Tracking System Employee Experience

Why You Should Be Using Candidate Tracking Tools

June 15, 2021
5 min read
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When it comes to recruitment after the pandemic, recruiters are finding that the fight for talent is fiercer than they anticipated. What does this mean? Recruiters are using new strategies and adjusting their approach to bring in qualified applicants. Job seekers today say candidate experience is an important consideration, so companies should take note: an outstanding candidate experience will set them apart from the competition. Candidate tracking tools are a crucial part of an excellent employee experience that starts at the time of application.

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A Rise In Competition For Top Talent

During the pandemic, many organizations halted hiring and made tough staffing decisions in order to keep their operations functioning. Even as unemployment numbers recover, more than 4 million people have left the workforce due to COVID-19 fears. Concerns over childcare, workplace safety, and financial security have left many people hesitant to go back to work. Now, as organizations prepare for a hiring increase and a potential return to the office, the competition for top talent is also ramping up. The trouble for employers? It’s a candidate’s market, and the fight for A Players is fierce. To recruit and retain the best candidates, recruiters need to know what candidates care about most as they prepare to reenter the workforce or search for a new position.

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Creating A Stellar Candidate Experience

With such a fierce fight for talent, your recruiters and HR team can’t afford to lose candidates due to a poor experience. With candidate tracking tools like an Applicant Tracking System, you can streamline candidate communications and create a process that is engaging, efficient, and reflective of your workplace culture. An ATS helps to organize and consolidate communication with applicants, making sure no candidate is ghosted or lost among the clutter. Instead, an ATS helps nurture your applicants throughout the hiring process, offering end-to-end support and ease of access to information and communication. Your candidates will appreciate the quick replies, and your HR team will appreciate having a clear understanding of where each applicant is in the process.

When it comes to recruiting, an ATS is extremely valuable to your HR and recruiting teams. All members of your team can easily access applicant information whenever they need it. Additionally, an ATS tracks every application, giving you a dashboard view of the progress of any candidate. This centralizes all your candidate data and keeps hiring teams and recruiters on the same page about every applicant. By embracing digital tools that facilitate candidate management, recruiters can establish better connections with applicants, creating an efficient and engaging hiring experience.

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Features To Look For In An Ats

An Applicant Tracking System helps hiring teams to manage candidate relationships more strategically to keep the talent pipeline full — and fully engaged — while identifying A Players faster. Understanding the most impactful features to look for in an ATS will help you ensure you’re investing in the right tools for future success. Make sure your ATS has what it takes to support a great candidate experience:

  • Tracks and consolidates candidate application information — Your recruiters need to know exactly where each candidate is in the hiring process without any back-and-forth. With the right ATS, hiring managers can quickly view each candidate’s progress from their dashboard.
  • Provides easy communication with candidates — Your ATS needs to include features like Candidate Texting, Text-to-Apply, and Mobile Apply to facilitate strong, clear communication with candidates, creating an easier application process.
  • Integrates with your existing tools — Job seekers use numerous social media platforms and job sites during their search. Your ATS needs to be able to work across multiple platforms to recruit and engage with top talent where they’re at. Additionally, your ATS should integrate with your existing recruitment tools, keeping information current across platforms and prioritizing candidate experience.
  • Equips recruitment teams with digital interviewing tools — Your organization needs to invest in an ATS that includes features such as Interview Scheduling, Video Interviewing, and Interview Feedback. This helps to automate tedious tasks, saving your recruitment team time and money. With the right ATS, recruiters can spend less time sifting through resumes and more time interacting with and building rapport with candidates.
  • Re-engages with past and passive applicants  A strong ATS is one that stores candidate information to create Talent Communities or pools of previous applicants you can draw from when previous applicants’ skills are a fit for a new job opening. Talent Communities are an invaluable resource since they are already engaged with your company and may already have a relationship with a recruiter.

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ClearCompany’s award-winning Applicant Tracking System is built to support both candidates and recruiters. With tools that facilitate mobile applications and Text-to-Apply, candidates can apply for open positions quickly and easily and communicate with recruiters instantly, all from their cell phones. Our flexible job application builder, modern interface, mobile tools, and video capabilities give your applicants the experience they deserve, leading to a stronger employer brand that attracts top talent.

Our best-in-class solution offers unparalleled access to candidate tracking, recruiting analytics, and candidate sourcing solutions, allowing you to engage with potential employees while staying organized. To learn more about how our ATS can help you transform your recruitment and candidate tracking strategies, reach out to our team of experts. Get started recruiting future A Players today by signing up for a free demo!

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