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What is Recruiting Software? Answers to the Most Common Questions

March 17, 2020
4 min read
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As recruiting software becomes more mainstream in the HR world, hiring managers may have questions about what exactly recruiting software is and how to best leverage its features. With the recruitment software field flush with options, making a choice can be complicated. Below are some answers to questions that HR professionals frequently ask when it comes to implementing recruiting software into their hiring processes.

Over 70% of top companies are using #RecruitmentSoftware to assist their hiring process. @ClearCompany offers answers to common questions asked by HR professionals when it comes to recruiting software:

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software is used by HR professionals in effort to make the hiring pipeline of their organization more efficient. By assisting your team in optimizing their talent acquisition, hiring, and onboarding efforts, HR recruiting software can help to eliminate time consuming and repetitive paperwork and administrative tasks. Implementing software like applicant tracking systems (ATS), candidate screening guides, and automated methods to contact applicants, sourcing, interviewing, and adding new candidates to your hiring process is easier. Currently, over 70% of top companies are using recruitment software to assist their hiring process. ClearCompany offers a range of recruitment software, aimed at helping your organization with meeting its goals in hiring and retaining top talent.

Why is Recruiting Software Important For Your Team?

There are a plethora of reasons to implement recruiting software into your current processes. Recruiting software gathers data on candidates and uses people analytics to track whether an applicant would be a good fit for the role. The ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System assists recruiters in writing job descriptions and uses machine learning to comb through resumes for keywords and traits that fit the candidate you are attempting to attract. Currently, HR professionals state that they spend nearly ⅔ of their time on interview processes, whether it’s screening resumes or scheduling interviews. Leveraging the tools available through recruitment software can free-up your HR team’s schedule, allowing them to become strategic partners to the organization by focusing on the important strategic tasks associated with hiring.

Companies who have implemented recruiting software into their hiring process have seen up to 40% lower turnover rates in new hires. @ClearCompany highlights other benefits of implementing #RecruitingSoftware into your hiring process:

Apart from minimizing the time spent on tedium, implementing recruitment software into your hiring process can lead to attracting better hires overall. Rather than starting from scratch whenever your team needs to hire a new employee, you can rely on your recruiting software to pull from an existing talent pool that contains applicants you already know are a good fit for the role. Recruiting software allows for smarter decisions by integrating data into the decision-making process.

What Kinds of Recruiting Software Are Out There?

There are a variety of recruiting softwares available for HR professionals. Some popular examples include:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems - These systems are designed to process job applicants, create job listings, process and screen resumes, and track data from interviews. Companies can utilize these systems to attract and interview applicants who are the best fit for the role.
  • Candidate Relationship Management - This system allows HR professionals to create a talent pool of potential candidates. You can draw upon this talent pool when roles open within the company. It also provides a method of nurturing relationships outside of peak hiring times.
  • Interviewing Software - Interviewing software frees up HR professionals’ schedules by allowing them to schedule interviews through the platform. These interviews can either be watched and conducted in real time or can be recorded and referenced at a later date. A major advantage of online interviewing is that it saves time and money for both the recruiter and the candidate, especially if the candidate is from a distant location.

ClearCompany offers a full-service platform of solutions that, when used cohesively, create a unified, efficient process — from hiring and onboarding to managing the talent currently employed at your organization.

What Are the Benefits of Using Recruiting Software?

Companies who have implemented recruiting software into their hiring process have seen up to 40% lower turnover rates in new hires. With the cost of turnover averaging out to the equivalent of 6-9 months of an employee salary, this helps to save your company significantly in their hiring budget each year.

Recruiting software can also lead to a reduction in bias when it comes to hiring. Whether consciously or unconsciously, humans are often vulnerable to biased decision making. Utilizing an automated system to screen applicants can help to remove bias from this process. Finally, recruiting software betters the overall candidate experience. Recruitment software gives candidates real-time feedback on their applications and offers insights on the strengths and weaknesses of their resumes, leading to an overall better experience for your candidates.

ClearCompany can help you transform your hiring process with our portfolio of recruiting software. From our Applicant Tracking System to our paperless onboarding process, we can assist you as you bring new talent into your organization. For more information on how ClearCompany can help you find the best candidate fit for your company, reach out to our experts today to get started on transforming your hiring plan and talent management this year.

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